Student Clubs


With an objective of help students to pursue their hobbies and interests and to bring people together the student clubs are created at the Institute. As a club member one knows about one’s self, one’s interests and one’s goals. Students can unravel their strengths like multitasking, organization skills, team Building skills, leadership skills and service mindedness. They can also add skills to their repertoire. The clubs also help in pursuing an old hobby. Networking opportunities being major benefit Club members develop bond among themselves which help in growing their careers. Association of students with clubs help in showcasing ones domain interest, balance between work and hobbies. Activities organized/participated as a club member looks good on the resume.

Quiz club:

Vision: To be a step ahead of other quizzards in the country and keeping this in mind, we organize quizzes at regular intervals and make the students in-formed and to rekindle the passion among the students to gain that extra knowledge.  

The club has introduced IQL i.e. IPE Quiz League and has conducted various intra-college level quiz competitions while representing the institute at other national quiz competitions. The club members regularly meet and prepare themselves for quizzes.

Operations Club:

Vision: Right from its inception, Shastra has been focusing on activities and competitions, enhancing the knowledge and testing the waters of analytical thinking, logical reasoning and innovative solutions in the field of operations management.  

In the spirit of its name, Shastra has been a platform to sharpen the skill set of participants with regards to their operational and strategic competence. Its activities include conducting of talks on contemporary issues of operations management, creating awareness sessions on latest technologies connected with the subject area, and conducting subject quizzes to name a few.

Finance Club:

Vision: To create a learning environment and enhance the skill sets to develop high end qualities in students as finance professionals.  

The main focus of the club is on providing professional and social network for students pursuing career in finance. The club emphasis on driving initiatives in the arena of finance and intends to further the cause of finance. They plan for Finance Samithi at IPE, NIVESH event in Sanskriti and many more Guest Lectures. 

Marketing Club:

Vision: To represent and support an inclusive and vibrant student community in which members have the opportunity to expand their horizons with the new marketing trends, reach their full potential with the conceptual knowledge, and change the world around them with the help of marketing themselves in the hypercompetitive environment.  

This club brings students together through events, sponsor-ships, publicity and awareness of IPE hosted events providing opportunities for development and social interaction that are central to many students’ college experience. This club was efficient in bringing in stalls for Fresher’s day.  The club in the past conducted events like Ad-Venture – Creating An Advertising Campaign, inquisitive– A quiz on Marketing, Market Encounter– A puzzle based game the best managers would compete with each other. Cracking Cliché–Designing a Marketing Plan given a company and unusual product , What’s in a name?– Karachi Bakery Controversy Suggesting a New name and Marketing Campaign

Literature Club:

Vision: To inspire every individual to develop a taste for literature, a fondness for language, enhance their literary skills and provide an avenue for self-expression.  

Literature club is committed to tap the effective communication talent among the individuals, building up the confidence and grooming their talents in facing various interpersonal activities and competitions. It also provides daily news updates with newsfeeds. 

HR Club:

Vision: To enhance students and train them to comprehend practical aspects of HR practices in various industries.  

This club engages students with activities like role play, case study analysis, quiz competitions and many more activities which help students in understanding HR practices around the globe. The club activities includes conducting HR Quizzes, Role plays and Business Games.

Photography Club:

Vision: To cover all the events and activities that happen at IPE and to freeze the moments in time and capture them through the art of photography and to allow revisiting them by sharing them on social media.  

This club has active members who are very efficient and are always available to click pictures of all the events that happen at IPE. They are always on their toes and cover all angles of the activities and all moments of Student life at campus. While this is their major forte, they plan to bring out creative videos too. They also promote still photography, Shadow Photography, Photography exhibition etc

Social Club:

Vision: To make our surroundings a better place to live in and give as much as we can to others such that there is adequacy in basic necessities for each individual.  

This club has organized some outstanding events that has enabled a lot of students to donate eyes, blood and has had a successful week of Daanutsav, where they raised funds and collected pulses, rice, biscuits, blankets and more for the needy.  The club is responsible for conducting of Anti Ragging and Anti- Narcotics Campaign.

Cultural Club:

Vision: To spread awareness, understanding, and appreciation of a particular culture, its people, diversity, and values and also to prepare students for real life by strengthening their personal skills.

The club activities include conducting of national festivals, organizing of religious festivals, steering the institute carnivals, Conducting of Freshers and Farewells, Musical Night etc.

Speak out Club:

Vision: To develop their communication and presentation skills 

The club plays an important role in developing the communication and presentation skills of students which play a crucial role in any job interview as well as their professional career. The club provides a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every individual member has the opportunity to develop oral communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth and find the courage to change.

Sports Club:

Vision: To promote sports and games and to enhance the sporting experience among the students.

The club activities cornered round providing playing opportunities to individuals at all abilities by providing the best environment. The club encourages the students to compete in different tournaments and sports festivals. 

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