Research and Consultancy

IPE was been originally conceived as a research institution, devoted to a systematic and sustained study of issues relevant to the formulation, implementation, review, monitoring and assessment of policies and programmes concerning public enterprises.

Subsequently, keeping in view the changing scenario, the focus is not only on public enterprises, but private entities as well. The Institute is partly funded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, GoI. The Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), Ministry of Human Resources Development, GoI recognized the Institute as a ‘Centre of Excellence’ in Social Science research. The Institute has a record for delivering the inputs in time with application orientation.

The research studies of IPE have been extensively used by the Committee of Public Undertakings (CoPU), several ministries of the GoI, Planning Commission, SCOPE, Department of Public Enterprises (DPE), Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) and pay revision committees. IPE publishes nine in-house journals including the ‘IPE journal’ which remains as the only referred journal on public sector issues in India.

Some of the recent research studies conducted by IPE include:

Public Enterprises Policy

  • Public Enterprises in India: A Survey of Research
  • Public Enterprises Policies in India and UK
  • Pricing in Public Enterprises: A Case Study of Pricing of Petroleum Products in India

Public Enterprise Reforms and Restructuring

  • Diversification of Public Ownership in India and UK
  • Privatization and Public Enterprise: The Asia-Pacific Experience
  • Privatization of Public Enterprise in India and France

Research in Corporate and Financial Area

  • Corporate Planning in Public Enterprises
  • Valuation in Equity Shares in Public Enterprises
  • Marketing Strategies and Practices in Public Enterprises

State Level Public Enterprises in India (SLPE)

  • Financial Contribution and Requirements of SLPEs in India
  • Financial Performance of SLPEs
  • Rate of Return in SLPEs: A Research Study for Ninth Finance Commission

Micro/Case Research

  • Working Systems of Andhra Pradesh Scheduled Castes Cooperatives Finance Corpn
  • Organization and Financial Management of State Electricity Boards
  • Contribution of Public Enterprises to the Economy of Andhra Pradesh

Energy and Technology

  • Financial Contribution and Requirements of SLPEs in India
  • Biomass Assessment Study of Kurnool District of A.P.
  • Technological Acquisition and Development in Indian Telecommunication Industry


A number of research studies have been conducted and reports / publications have been brought out by these centers. These centers, apart from research, involve in extending consultancy services and also conduct training programs for executives in order to stay abreast of latest developments on policies and practices.

Dr V Srikanth
Associate Professor
Coordinator – Research
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Mr S Satish Kumar
Associate Professor
Training & Consultancy Coordinator
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