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IPE encourages its faculty to seek sponsored Research Projects from agencies such as ICSSR, AICTE, UGC, various Ministries of State and Central Governments, State Level Public Enterprise and Central Public Sector Enterprises, private and corporate entities, and multilateral funding agencies.

IPE is an empanelled Research and Consultant organization with Karnataka Evaluation Authority, DSIR and other agencies. It enables IPE to successfully bid for projects.

Research Projects

The Funded / Sponsored Research Studies are research projects which are funded by agencies such as ICSSR, UGC, AICTE, Government of India ( through its Ministries / Departments ), Central Public Sector Undertakings, various State Governments ( through its Ministries / Departments ), State Level Public Enterprises, Banks (Public and Private Sector), Regulatory Agencies, Corporate Sector and Multilateral Research Agencies.

IPE initiates Research Studies in its Thrust Areas covering the entire gamut of Management Practices in Public Enterprises, and in other Social Science disciplines from time to time. The studies of Wage Revision of PEs, Database on SLPEs are a few examples.

Consolidated Statement of IPE’s Research Projects

Year Number of Research Projects Project Value (Rs.)
2021-22 4 34,29,180
2020-21 1 63,91,790
2019-20 4 40,38,300
2018-19 3 21,50,000
2017-18 5 73,71,460
2016-17 5 68,32,090
Total 22 3,02,12,820
Sl.No. Title of the Project Sponsoring Agency Investigators Project Value (Rs.)
1 Corporate Governance Practices in BRICS Countries Mrs. J Kiranmai NFCG 5,77,600
2 Do the behavioral and organizational factors influence whistleblowing intention? Dr. Shweta Mehrotra NFCG 6,86,000
3 Research Corporate Governance Practices in Family – Owned Enterprises in India Mrs. J Kiranmai NFCG 5,13,600
4 Innovativeness and Science Literacy among Secondary Post-Secondary Students – Development and standardization of psychrometric scales, (TPN 62422) Dr. N.G. Satish Department of Science and Technology 16,51,980
Sl.No. Title of the Project Sponsoring Agency Investigators Project Value (Rs.)
1 Centers of Excellence in Sustainable Tourism to Boost Economic Development and Enhance University Business Cooperation in Southern Asia – CES Tour European Project Prof R K Mishra 63,91790    (as on 03-02-21)
Sl.No. Title of the Project Sponsoring Agency Investigators Project Value (Rs.)
1 Prevalence of Girl Child Labour in the Indian Textile and Garment Industry – A study on Garment Clusters in Tamil Nadu and Gujaratq National Human Rights Commission Dr. M. Karthik 14,58,300
2 A Study on Socially Responsible Supply Chains for Protection of Human Rights National Human Rights Commission Dr. Anand Akundy 13,30,000
3 A Study on Lean Agricultural Supply Chain for High Valued Products



Dr. Sunil Kumar C. V.

Dr M L N Rao

4 Evaluation of UJALA Program – A Focus on Residential Electricity Consumers of Select Regions of Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy Districts ICSSR Dr. Rajesh Gangakhedkar 3,50,000
Sl.No. Title of the Project Sponsoring Agency Investigators Project Value (Rs.)
1 Export Competitiveness of Indian SMEs and the Rise of Global Value Chains : A Study of Manufacturing and IT Sectors




Dr. Usha Nori

Dr. M Karthik

2 Impact of Corporate Governance on the value creation in Stock Markets : A Case of CPSEs in India



Dr. Pawan Kumar

Ms. J. Kiranmai

3 A Study on Socio-Economic Factors Influencing Sustainability of Open Defecation Free Villages in India



Dr. Ch. Lakshmi Kumari

Dr. P.S. Janaki Krishna

Sl.No. Title of the Project Sponsoring Agency Investigators Project Value (Rs.)
1 Bank Credit, Micro & Financial Inclusion : The Progress, Challenges and way Forward ICSSR Dr. S Sreenivasa Murthy 8,00,000
2 Advancing health equity in primary health care : an anthropological study of community participation using capability approach (interdisciplinary study engaging social anthropology and health studies ) Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Dr. Anand Akundy 23,08,960
3 Science & Technology Research Impact and the Contributing Factors : Analysis of Cross National Data DST Dr. N.G Satish 20,62,500
4 Labour Displacement Potential of Technology Adoption: Firm Level Evidence from Indian Manufacturing Industry ICSSR Dr. Sandeep Kumar Kujur 7,00,000
5 Whistleblowing Policy Disclosure as a Corporate Governance Mechanism in Indian Listed Firms ICSSR

Dr. V. Srikanth

Dr. Shweta Mehrotra


Sl.No. Title of the Project Sponsoring Agency Investigators Project Value (Rs.)
1. Effective Corporate governance and social responsibility for sustainable business (ICSSR) ICSSR

Dr. Shulagna  Sarkar


2 Social Marginalization of Women Textile Workers – A study on the Textile & Garment Clusters at Coimbatore, Tirupur, Ahmedabad & Surat ICSSR Dr. M. Karthik 9,50,000
3 A Study on Water Resource Management : Post Liberalization Issues and Challenges in Transforming Rural Andhra Pradesh and Telengana. ICSSR Dr. Anupama Dubey 9,00,000
4 Effectiveness of e-governance initiatives through social media : A study with reference to Southern States (ICSSR) ICSSR Dr. A.S. Kalyan Kumar 10,00,000
5 Industrial Research Development and Innovation in Public Sector Enterprise Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India Dr. N.G. Satish 29,82,090