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List of Ph.Ds Awarded So far

Sl.No. Name of the Scholar Ph.D Award Year Title of the Thesis University
1 E.S. Sastry 1975 Physical & Financial Performances of some Road Transport undertakings in India Osmania University
2 V. Madan Mohan Reddy 1983 Automation and Personnel Management Osmania University
3 S. Ravishankar 1983 Evaluation of Management Training Programmes in Public Enterprises with special reference to the use of Educational Technology Osmania University
4 K. Suryakumar 1984 Industrial Relations in Public Enterprises in Twin Cities Osmania University
5 Asha Bhandarker 1986 Managerial Stress with Special Reference to Public Enterprises Osmania University
6 P. Maruthi Ram 1987 Financing of Public Enterprises : A study of the Impact on cost of funds in select central & AP Government Enterprises Osmania University
7 G.B.R.K. Sastry 1988 Theory & Practice of Board level participation with special reference to nationalized banks and Major Ports of India Osmania University
8 Nirmal Chandrakar 1989 A Study of Liquidity in the Public Enterprises in India Utkal University
9 K. Indira 1989 Patterns of organization (A study of select public & private units) Osmania University
10 M. Vanamala 1990 Public Sector Enterprises (An enquiry into the corporations for weaker sections in A.P) Sri Krishnadevaraya University
11 H. Venkateshwarulu 1990 Marketing Management in Public Enterprises : A Study of select undertakings Osmania University
12 A.L. Gavini 1990 Ancillaries of Public Enterprises in A.P. (A Study of structure, growth and performance) Osmania University
13 K. Kirankumar 1990 Cash management in selected State Level Manufacturing Public Enterprises in A.P Osmania University
14 S.V. Kuvalekar 1991 A study of Capital Structure Planning in Public Enterprises Osmania University
15 G. Pakki Reddy 1991 Industrial Promotion through the Joint Sector: A Study in A.P. Osmania University
16 V. Shekhar 1991 Marketing Information Systems ( A study of select Public Enterprises) Osmania University
17 A. Lateef Sayed Mohammed 1992 Performance of Joint Sector Enterprises promoted by select SIDCs   (A study of objectives, management nd financial performance) Osmania University
18 S.V. Satyanarayana 1992 CAG – Public Enterprise interface Osmania University
19 V. Mary Jessica 1993 Performance of State Financial Corporations – A Study of APSFC & KSFC Osmania University
20 K. Swamy 1993 Financial Performance of Manufacturing State Level Public Enterprises in A.P. JNTU
21 E.S. Srinivas 1993 Perceived Quality of Working Life(PQWL) and Organizational Commitment : A study of Managers in Select Public Enterprises Osmania University
22 A. Suryanarayana 1993 Management of Finances of NTPC Ltd. Osmania University
23 S. Selva Rani 1993 Employees Welfare Measures in Select Public Enterprises in A.P., Osmania University
24 Usha Ramachandra 1995 Liberalization Policies and Industrial Structure : The Petrochemical Industry in India, University of Hyderabad University of Hyderabad
25 M. Jaidev 1996 Investment Policy And Performance Of Mutual Funds (A Study Of Public Sector Mutual Funds), Osmania University
26 Abhijit Dutta 1996 Privatization of Public Enterprises: An Empirical study relating to some selected privatized SLPEs in Orissa Utkal University
27 S. S. Subrahmanyam 1997 Time and Cost overruns in Public Enterprises JNTU
28 A.V.V. Gauri 1998 Trends and Structure of wages in India inter Industrial and inter State analysis Osmania University
29 A. Anuradha 1998 An Analysis of Inter-State Industrial Development in India (1970-71 to 1992-93) Osmania University
30 T. P. Nalini 1998 Cultural Ethos and its effect on Personality of Indian Executives Osmania University
31 Yamuna Krishna 1999 Disinvestments in Public Enterprises Osmania University
32 V. Hari Krishna 1999 Inter-State Disparities in Banking Development in India” Osmania University
33 Bharath Bist 1999 Working Capital Management JNTU
34 P.Geeta 2000 Memorandum of Understanding in Central Public Sector Enterprises : A Study of select Central Public Sector Undertakings Osmania University
35 C. S. Mishra 2000 Emerging Patterns in the Financing of Public Enterprises – A Study of select organizations Utkal Univesity
36 B.Navin 2003 Asset Pricing Behaviour in the Indian Stock Market , Osmania University
37 T. Padma 2004 Public Enterprises As Organs Of State Power” Osmania University
38 Nandita Sethi 2004 Trading and Investment Patterns in Asia-Pacific Region: Emerging Opportunities for India Osmania University
39 Srinivas Sharma Mantha 2004 Short-term Financing (A Study on the Relative Importance of Money Market Instruments) JNTU
40 Hemnath Hanumankar 2004 Global Competition: A Case Study in Corporate Indian Strategic Response JNTU
41 S.L.Udayasri 2006 Capital Structure Practices : A Study of select firms in ICE Sectors Osmania University
42 Sunder Rao Gude 2006 Study of Impact of Bank Lending on growth of SSI Sector : A Case study in Andhra Pradesh Osmania University
43 P James Prem Kumar 2006 Executive Development in PEs: A Case Study of select PEs in Hyderabad Osmania University
44 A.Pawan Kumar 2006 Performance of Public Enterprises in Market, Univ. of Hyderabad University of Hyderabad
45 D.Geeta Rani 2007 The Post Privatisation Performance of privatized units – A Case Study of selected privatized enterprises in A.P. Dr.Ambedkar Open University
46 V.Narender 2007 New Financing Instruments – A Case Study of Select Public Enterprises In India , Dr.Ambedkar Open University
47 Ram Chander Thalla 2007 Small Enterprises competitiveness, policies, perspectives, performance and prospectives, BITS Pilani
48 S.Praveen 2008 Consumer Protection in India with special reference to Andhra Pradesh, Osmania University
49 Ch.Lakshmi Kumari 2008 A Study on Post Privatisation Efficiency of Select Public Enterprises, Osmania University
50 A.Srihari Krishna 2008 Monetizing Shareholder Wealth (A Study of PSE Navratnas), Osmania University
51 Kedarnath Mukherjee 2009 Derivatives Trading & its impact on Stock Market in India: A comperative Study Osmania University
52 Shital JhunJhunwala 2009 Valuation of firms-An Indian Perspective Emphasis on Intangible Value Osmania University
53 Rajesh Gangakhedkar 2009 Tariff Rationalisation In Power Sector- A Case Study of Andhra Pradesh Osmania University
54 Samanta Sahu 2010 Politics of access to drinking water in urban area in India: State and market interventions – A Case study of Hyderabad University of Hyderabad
55 E Lalitha 2010 Brand Loyalty – A Study of Wheat Flour Osmania University
56 Tanveer Ishrath 2010 Privatisation of Public Enterprises in Andhra Pradesh (Case Studies of Nizam Sugar Factory Limited and Allwyn Limited) Osmania University
57 PA Naidu 2011 Risk Management in Indian Stock Market through ‘Value at Risk’ Approach Osmania University
58 M Rukmini Rao 2011 Policies and Practices in Corporate Governance: A Comparative Study of Large Corporations Osmania University
59 A Sridhar Raj 2011 “Training and development in PSUs in the era of Globalization – A study of select Central PSUs in Andhra Pradesh” Osmania University
60 Ramanchi Radhika 2011 “Lending by Cooperative Banks to priority sector in Ranga Reddy district, Andhra Pradesh”, Osmania University
61 Vijayagiri Bikshapathi 2012 ‘TQM practices in SMEs with reference to team building activities: A study of select organizations in Hyderabad’. Osmania University
62 Vinita Sharma. 2012 ‘Developing Knowledge Management Metrics for Management Institutions’ Osmania University
63 Syed Khaza Safiuddin 2012 ‘Impact of FDI on growth of pharmaceutical sector in India: A study with specific reference to the post liberalization scenario’. Osmania University
64 Aderla Nageswara Rao 2013 Human Resources Cost Control – A Study of Singareni Collieries Kakatiya University
65 A Subramanyam 2013 Impact of service quality on student satisfaction, motivation & loyalty in Indian Higher Education Sector by developing HiEdu Qual : A study of select universities in Andhra Pradesh University of Hyderabad
66 D. Ramesh 2013 People participation in Watershed Programmes : A study of select villages in Ranga Reddy District. University of Hyderabad
67 Kirti Rajan Paltasingh 2014 Technology Adoption and Climatic Risks in Agriculture – a Study of Odisha University of Hyderabad
68 Jayashree Patil Dake 2014 Performance Evaluation of Indian FDI and Non-FDI Banks : A Comparative Analysis. Osmania University
69 Srinivasa Reddy 2014 Impact assessment of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme on Agriculture in Andhra Pradesh Osmania University
70 Narsimhulu Siddula 2015 Commodity Derivatives ; Effectiveness in Price Discovery and Risk Management Osmania University
71 M. Maschendar Goud 2105 Performance Evaluation Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme Osmania University
72 S. Vivek 2016 A Comparative Study of Employee Retention in Public & Private Sector Banks of Telangana State” Mewar University
73 Mr. Raghavendra 2016 Corporate Sustainability Development in Coal India Limited – A Study Osmania University
74 P. Kishan Rao 2016 Marketing of Milk and Milk Products – A Select Study of Mulkanoor Women’s Cooperative Dairy. Dept.of Busiess Management Osmania University
75 Ms. Qudsia Hafeez 2016 Scientific Creativity in Relation to Academic Achievement in Science Among Secondary School Students Department of Education Osmania University
76 Mr. Ravi Kumar 2017 Customer Service Evaluation in Indian Banking Sector – A Comparative Study of Select Banks. Osmania University
77 Ms. Lakshmi Rawat 2017 A Study on factors affecting individual equity investor returns in Hyderabad and Mumbai University of Hyderabad
78 Mr. Sambasiva Rao 2017 Empowerment of Backward Classes – A Study of Post 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act in Nalgonda District Osmania University
79 Ms. Honey Gupta 2017 Public Expenditure for Economic Growth : Econometric models for developing Countries Dayalbagh Educational Institute
80 Ms. Seema Ghosh 2018 Women Empowerment and Entrepreneurship The role of Self Help Groups in Medak Districts of A.P, Osmania University
81 Ms. A. Neeta 2018 Effectiveness of Corporate Governance in Commercial Banks in In India Osmania University
82 Ms. Shilpa Roy 2018 Employee Disengamentt- A Diagnostic Study of Select Organisations Osmania University
83 Qudsia Zeeshan 2018 Performance of Private Equity Funds in India – A Select Study Osmania University
84 Ms. Mousumi Singha Mahapatra 2018 Impact of Financial Cognition and Mental Accounting on Personal Financial Planning – A study on Indian households National Institute of Technology
85 Mohmad Mushtaq Khan 2019 Liquidity Profitability Analysis & Prediction of Bankruptcy – A Study of Select Telecom Companies Moulana Azad National Urdu University
86 Mr. P. Balaji 2019 Determinants of Digital Banking Adoption in the Aftermath of Demonetisation University of Madras
87 Ms. R. Yasholatha 2019 A Study on Job satisfaction in Select Nonprofit Organisations in Andhra Pradesh Osmania University
88 Ms. Shilpa Roy 2019 Employee Engagement – A Diagnostic Study in Select Organisations Osmania University
89 Mr. Tadipigari Mahesh Babu 2019 Small Towns Consumer Buying Behaviour Towards online Stores in Rayalaseema Region of Andhra Pradesh Sri Krishnadevaraya University
90 Mr. M. Chandra Shekar 2020 The Effect of Share Repurchases – A Study on Share Price Behaviour in India Osmania University
91 Mr. Mahesh 2020 Performance of Organised Retailers and Sustainability of Small and Medium Suppliers : A Study with Special Reference to Hyderabad Sri Krishnadevaraya University
92 Ms. Monisha 2020 Cyber Shopping Payment Methods in India – A Study with Special Reference to E-Wallets. University of Madras
93 Ms. D. Subhashini 2020 Designing and Developing Metrics based Workforce effectiveness tracking model for evidence based decision making in SMEs in India Osmania University
94 Ms. P. Kalyani 2020 Growth of Reinsurance Business in India  Challenges & Prospects Osmania University
95 Ms. Sangeetha 2021 The Role of Innovative and Technological Department on Startuprenuer University of Madras
96 Ms. T. Shailaja 2022 Implications of Variables  Implicit in the Continuum –A Study with reference to the Employees of Select Software Companies. Osmania University
97 Ms. C.K. Rashmi 2022 Role of Solidarity Groups in Health Empowerment of Dalit Women – A Study based in select slums of Bangalore Urban District Bangalore University
98 Ms. Jyothirmai 2022 Work Live Balance at T.S.R.T.C – A Study in Northern Telangana Region Osmania University