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Conferences/Webinars organized by IPE

Conferences/Webinars provide platform for the academicians, researchers, and practitioners to come together and deliberate on issues pertinent to Management and Social Science Research. IPE encourages its faculty to organize Conferences/Webinars on a regular basis. The Conferences/Webinars organized by IPE are as under :

Summary of Conferences/Webinars Organised by IPE

Year Number of Conferences/Webinars organised
2021-22 4
2020-21 12
2019-20 8
2018-19 5
2017-18 6
2016-17 11
Total 46


S No Title of the Programme Date Webinar Director
1 National Webinar on “Social Sciences Research, Teaching and Learning Experiences During COVID-19 Pandemic” [Sponsored by ICSSR] June 24-25, 2021 Dr V Srikanth & Ms J Kiranmai
2 International E-Conference on “Sustainable Livelihoods : Water, Climate Change and Geo-Spatial Development Oct 7-8, 2021 Dr Anupama Dubey
3 Webinar on “National Education Policy –  Quality Education, Accreditation and Teacher Development 13-Aug-21 Dr V Srikanth
4 International Webinar on Disaster Risk Reduction, Resilience and Sustainability in collaboration with Center for Environment and Economic Development (CEED), New Delhi; National Institute of Disaster Management (NIMD), India & Odisha State Open University, India. 24 – September 2021 Dr Anupama Dubey


S No Title of the Programme Date Webinar Director
1 Google Classroom – Creating and Equipping to Launch Your Own Virtual Classroom 27th May 2020 Mr A S Kalyana Kumar
Strategies for Leading the Change : Post Covid 19 Response of India ‘Strategies for Leading the Change in Management Education
30th May 2020
Ms J Kiranmai
(IPE; Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University; & Bhartiya Shikshan Mandal)
3 Happiness in Digital Age 4th June 2020 Dr S K Mohanty
4 Experience Marketing – The New Currency 10th June 2020 Dr Prarthana
5 Entrepreneurial Career and Entrepreneurship as a Career Choice 26th June 2020 Dr Kumar Aashish & Dr Prarthana Kumar
6 Webinar on Cyber Crime, Cyber Security and Covid 19 times 13thJuly  2020 Mr A Rakesh Phanindra
7 Webinar on Corporate Challenges Indian and Global Perceptive 7th August 2020 Ms Kiranmai J
8 Webinar on “Roadmap for SMEs Post COVID 19: Innovative Approaches Among Challenges and Opportunities” 22ndAugust  2020 Dr Shwetha Mehrotra
9 National Webinar on Issues on Migrants and Informal Workers: Scenario during COVID 19 times 24thAugust  2020 Dr Anupama Dubey
10 Urban Thinkers Campus 5.0 – Making Cities Smart and Sustainable 15th  – 16th September, 2020 Dr Ch Lakshmi Kumari and Dr Anupama Dubey
11 A Three-Day International Conference on Behavioural Finance 16th  – 18th December, 2020 Dr Mousmi Singha Mahpatra
12 8th National Conference on “Diversity in Management – Development of Women Executives” (An exclusive programme for women executives) & Presentation of Excellence Awards For Women – 2020 20th – 22nd January, 2021 Dr.Sinju Sankar and Prof. Narendranath Menon


S No Title of the Programme Date Programme Director
1 National Conference on “Management Research in India” [Sponsored by ICSSR] 17th – 18th May 2019 Dr V Srikanth
2 International Conference on “Economic Development : Role of Higher Education Institutions in Employment” 10th – 11th December 2019 Dr K Trivikram& Dr Sandeep Kujur
3 International Conference on Water Resources, Climate Change and Sustainability 27th – 28th September 2019 Dr.Anupama Dubey
4 7th National Conference on “Diversity in Management – Development of Women Executives” 11th, 12th and 13th December 2019 Dr Narendranath Menon & Dr Sinju Sankar
5 International Conference on “Making Sense of Muslim Personal Laws in Post-Independence India” [Sponsored by ICSSR] 20-21 September 2019 Dr Muzamil Ahmad Baba & Dr K N Jehangir
6 Two day 6th International Conference on “Corporate Social Responsibility and Best Practices in CSR” 30-31 January, 2020 Dr Shulagna Sarkar &Ms J Kiranmai
7 Competitive Intelligence Through Information Harvesting {ICSSR Sponsored Programme} 2nd – 3rd December 2019 Dr Venkata Nagaiah
8 Reservation policy for SCs STs & OBCs and EWS in Central Government CPSEs, SLPEs and Banks 6th – 7th February 2020 Prof. R K. Mishra &Ms J Kiranmai


Sl. No. Title of the Programme Programme Dates Programme Director
1 11th Meeting of the Asia Network on Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises Sept 6-7, 2018 Prof R K Mishra &Ms J Kiranmai
2 International Seminar on ‘Inclusive Development: Issues and Challenges (in Association with  CESS) Oct 8-10, 2018 Prof R.K. Mishra & Dr. K. Trivikram
3 International Conference on “Expanding HR Value : Unravelling the Future of Work” Nov 15-16, 2018 Dr Shulagna Sarkar & Dr. Samarendra Mohanty
4 6th National Conference on ‘Diversity in Management 27 6th National Conference on ‘Diversity in Management Development of Women Executives” Dec 20-21, 2018 Dr. Narendranath Menon, Dr Prarthana Kumar and Dr. Anupama Dubey Mohanty

National Conference Towards Peace, Harmony and Happiness: Transition to Transformation,

(sponsored by Pranab Mukherjee Foundation and CRRID, Chandigarh)

Mar 22-23, 2019

Prof. R.K. Mishra &

Dr. Anand Akundy


S No Title of the Programme Programme Dates Programme Director
1 Conclave of HR Executives June 5-6, 2017 Dr Narendranath K Menon
2 Capacity Building Programme for Social Science Faculty Members [Sponsored by ICSSR] Nov 6-17, 2017 Dr Anand Akundy
3 5th National Conference on “Diversity in Mgmt Dev of Women Executives” Dec 28-29, 2017 Dr Narendranath
4 5th International Conference on “Corporate Social Responsibility” Feb 1-2, 2018 Dr Shulagna Sarkar &MsPragnya S Acharya
5 National Conference on “Marketing in Digital India : Trends, Opportunities & Challenges” Feb 19-20, 2018

Mr M J Ramakrishna &

Mr A Rakesh Phanindra

6 International Conference on “Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, IoT and Analytics” Feb 22-23, 2018

Dr Shaheen&

Dr K V Anantha Kumar


S No Title of the Programme Programme Dates Programme Director
1 National Conclave of Heads & Senior HR Executives May 27-28, 2016

Mr KRS Sastry &

Dr A Jagan Mohan Reddy

2 4th National Conference on “Diversity in Management – Development of Women Executives” Dec 15-16, 2016

Mr KRS Sastry &

Dr Narendranath K Menon


International Conference on “Women and Management : Issues and Challenges

[Jointly with BIMTECH, Bhubaneshwar]

Jan 5-6, 2017

[at Bhunbaneshwar]

Ms J Kiranmai


4 8th International Conference on “Corporate Governance : Governance, Sustainability & Responsibility” Jan 19-20, 2017

Prof R K Mishra &

Ms J Kiranmai

5 National Conference on “Modern Retailing – Social & Economic Perspectives” Jan 30-31, 2017 Dr V Srikanth
6 4th International Conference on “Corporate Social Responsibility” Feb 2-3, 2017 Dr Shulagna Sarkar & Dr Punam Singh
7 8th Conclave of Vigilance Officers Mar 3-4, 2017 Mr KRS Sastry

Research Methodology for Research Scholars [sponsored by ICSSR]


Mar 15-25, 2017 Dr P S Janaki Krishna
9 National Conference on “Climate Change and Sustainable Development : Issues, Challenges & Opportunities Mar 23-24, 2017 Dr P S Janaki Krishna & Dr Ch Lakshmi Kumari
10 First Southern Social Science Congress on “Social Science : New paradigms Towards Sustainable and Prospective Future” Mar 23-25, 2017

Dr Ch Lakshmi Kumari &

Dr P S Janaki Krishna

11 International Conference on “Big Data Analytics, Operations Research & Internet of Things” Mar 30-31, 2017

Dr Shaheen&

Dr K V Anantha Kumar