IPE Centre for Financial Education


To build a financially resilient society.


To equip individuals and communities with the financial knowledge and resources to navigate challenges, make informed decisions, and achieve long-term financial security.


  • Design and implement educational curriculums on core financial principles catering to diverse demographics. 
  • Expand access to financial resources and tools for marginalized communities.
  • Cultivate financial literacy through targeted public awareness campaigns and strategic partnerships with community organizations. 
  • Advocate for and analyze the impact of public policies that promote financial education and financial wellness.
  • Conduct rigorous research to assess the efficacy of financial education programs and disseminate best practices for continuous improvement. 
  • Provide consulting and advisory services to Governments, Regulators, Agencies, NGOs, Not-for-Profit Organizations, Conventional and New Age Financial Institutions for fostering financial education and financial wellness. 

Strategic Approach

We achieve these objectives by
  • Core Education: Offering foundational Financial Education Programs and workshops like Financial Literacy and Debt Management.

  • Specialized Education: Providing targeted programs on Investment Education, Youth Financial Education, and Financial Planning for Retirement.

  • Digital Literacy Bridge: Equipping individuals with Digital Financial Tools Training to leverage technology for managing finances.

  • Community Outreach: Bringing financial education directly to marginalized communities through Outreach Programs and partnerships.

  • Expanded Support: Offering Employee Financial Wellness Programs and support for Entrepreneurship & Self-Help Groups.

Action Plan

  • Develop and deliver a variety of programs including Financial Literacy Workshops, Investing for Beginners, and Financial Planning for Retirement.
  • Conduct Need Assessment Studies to identify specific community needs and tailor programs accordingly.
  • Utilize Program Evaluation Studies to ensure ongoing effectiveness and continuous improvement.
  • Conduct Financial Research and develop educational resources (Financial Resource Development) like material, handouts, short videos, blogs, podcasts, infographics etc.
  • Organize Conferences, Seminars, and Webinars to disseminate Financial Knowledge and foster collaboration.
  • Build Collaborative Programs with Government and Non-Government Agencies to expand reach and impact.

Societal Impact of the Centre

Our comprehensive approach fosters financial well-being for individuals and communities, leading to
  • Increased financial literacy and responsible financial decision-making.
  • Reduced debt burden and improved financial security.
  • Stronger entrepreneurial ventures and empowered self-help groups.
  • A financially healthier society overall.