IPE Launched its two-year AICTE approved full time PGDM- Business Analytics Program for the academic year 2024-25 to meet the growing requirements of Analytics professionals. This Programme is mainly oriented towards imparting skills in analytics arena desired by the global and domestic business entities. The curriculum intends to reduce the gap between industry and academia, with the right blend of theory and practice, furthering students to nurture their innate talent for becoming business analysts, business intelligence analyst, marketing analyst, financial analyst, quantitative analyst, Risk analyst thus becoming invaluable and indispensable assets of an organization. Being a student of this program you would be able to gain an in- depth knowledge and analytical skills which will enable them to carry out various Trade and Business operations of an organization effectively and efficiently in the emerging globalized environment. This program has an intake of 60 students. 

For admission procedure, fee details and scholarships refer to IPE admission prospectus. 

Program Highlights

  • Imparting of industry- valued Analytical skills to the students
  • Developing of Data Driven Decision Making approach in the students.
  • Teaching the importance of Lifelong Learning to the students.
  • Teaching the application of analytics in real business settings

Programme Educational Objectives

  • To equip Graduates with a comprehensive understanding of key business functions and imbibe in them the ability to integrate this knowledge with advanced analytical and data-driven techniques to identify and solve complex business problems.
  • To prepare Graduates with strong data analytical skills using modern technological tools to analyse and interpret large datasets, thereby enabling informed and effective decision-making in various business contexts.
  • To enable Graduates to cultivate innovative thinking, entrepreneurial skills and apply them for various business situations to identify opportunities, develop startup ventures, and drive organizational growth and transformation in a competitive global market.
  • To develop Graduates with strong communication skills to work independently and collaboratively with diverse teams, and to effectively present data-driven insights and business strategies to various stakeholders, thereby enhancing their impact in the business analytics domain.
  • To train Graduates to exhibit responsible leadership and ethical decision-making, with a keen understanding of both domestic and global business dynamics, and a commitment to sustainable practices that benefit organizations and society.

Program outcomes

  • Graduates will demonstrate a holistic understanding of core and contemporary management concepts and analytics principles
  • Graduates will be able to identify business problems, formulate related analytical models and evaluate their capability in addressing intricate business issues.
  • Graduates will exhibit critical thinking abilities and reasoning skills to analyse the problems that are needed for designing and recommending innovative solutions for multifaceted business problems using advanced analytics techniques and for developing data-driven strategies for the processes to meet the specified needs.
  • Graduates will demonstrate their skill of using predictive modelling techniques, modern analytical approaches including software languages and data visualization tools and their scope.
  • Graduates will develop an understanding of the environmental (GLOCAL) impact of businesses and apply management and analytics knowledge to create innovative and sustainable solutions for future generations.
  • Graduates will recognize and absorb the importance of lifelong learning, individual skills and team skills, in response to the continuous analytical and technological changes in the dynamic business environment.
  • Graduates will proficiently exhibit oral and written communication skills tailored to local and multinational organizational environments.
  • Graduates will demonstrate professionalism, entrepreneurial acumen, ethical conduct, leadership, and resilience while collaborating with diverse stakeholders and addressing the managerial challenges.

Programme Architecture - CURRICULUM

First Year

First Year Credits : 57

Trimester I

Course Name Credits
Management and Organizational Behaviour 3
Business Statistics for Decision Making 3
Economics for Managers 3
Accounting for Managers 3
Marketing Management 3
Information Technology for Managers 3
Personality Development and Business Communication Letter Grade
Total Credits 18

Trimester II

Course Name Credits
Operations Research 3
Corporate Finance 3
Macro Economics 3
Human Resource Management 3
SQL for Managers 2
Business Analytics for Managers using R 3
Big Data for Business Decisions 2
Priming for Placements (Business Aptitude) Letter Grade
Total Credits 19

Trimester III

Course Name Credits
Production and Operations Management 3
Cost and Management Accounting 2
Start-ups and Entrepreneurship 3
Marketing Research 3
Machine Learning using Python 3
Data Analytics using SAS 2
Data Visualization and Story Telling 3
Foreign Language – French Letter Grade
Comprehensive Viva 1
Total Credits 20

Second Year

Second Year Credits : 49

Trimester IV

Course Name Credits
Strategic Management 3
Business Applications using Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence 3
Social Media & Web Analytics 2
Elective 1(Analytics) – Subject 1 3
Elective 1(Analytics) – Subject 2 3
Elective 2 – Subject 1 3
Elective 2 – Subject 2 3
Summer Internship Project 3
Total Credits 23

Trimester V

Course Name Credits
Corporate Laws 2
Natural Language Processing 3
Generative AI 3
Elective 1(Analytics) – Subject 3 3
Elective 1(Analytics) – Subject 4 3
Elective 2 – Subject 3 3
Elective 2 – Subject 4 3
Total Credits 20

Trimester VI

Course Name Credits
Corporate Governance, Business Ethics, and CSR 2
Project Management 2
Long Term Research Project 2
Total Credits 6

Total Credits (First & Second Year) : 106

Business Analytics Electives IV Trimester : SET-1

S.No Elective Subject Name (Subject 1, Subject 2) Credits
1 Marketing Analytics 3
2 Operations Analytics 3
3 Financial Analytics 3
4 HR Analytics 3

Business Analytics Electives IV Trimester : SET-2

S.No Elective Subject Name (Subject 1, Subject 2) Credits
5 Data Science and Machine Learning 3
6 Business Intelligence and Data Visualization 3
7 SQL for Data Science 3

Business Analytics Electives IV Trimester : SET-3

S.No Elective Subject Name (Subject 1, Subject 2) Credits
8 Cyber Security and Cyber Laws 3
9 Predictive Analytics 3
10 Data Mining for Business Decisions 3

Note: Business Analytics Programme students need to take Subject 1 from SET 1 and Subject 2 from SET 3 whereas other Programme students choosing Analytics as specialization choose Subject 1 and Subject 2 from SET 2 and SET 3.

Business Analytics Electives V Trimester : SET-4

S.No Elective Subject Name (Subject 3, Subject 4) Credits
1 Big Data Analytics 3
2 IOT Data Management and Analytics 3
3 Cloud Computing for Business 3
4 Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning 3
5 Blockchain Technology for Business 3

Note: Business Analytics Programme students as well as other Programme students choosing Analytics as specialization choose Subject 3 and Subject 4 from SET 4.

Note: The structure and courses shown above are tentative in nature and subject to change. The structure, course and credits may be subject to change from time to time, within the bounds of AICTE Rules / regulations / norms.


By design, this program facilitates placement of candidates in banks, financial Institutions, insurance sector and other non-banking financial companies and financial departments of corporations. The faculty and students actively participate in placements in collaboration with the Placement Division. Some of the companies that regularly recruit PGDM – BIF students include Tata Consultancy Services, Capital First, KPMG, Deloitte India, Axis Bank, Cognizant, SBI Life Insurance Co. Ltd., State Bank of Hyderabad, Bank of Baroda, Karur Vysya Bank, Axis Bank, Capital IQ, Crecer Financial Services, Franklin Templeton, IndusInd Bank, ING Vysya Bank, ICICI Securities Ltd., ICICI Securities, IIFL, etc.

FOR THE YEAR 2024 - 2026

Contact Persons

Prof K. V Anantha Kumar

Programme Head – Business Analytics

+91 91542 54043

Contact Persons

Dr M A Nayeem

Co Programme Head – Business Analytics

+91 98484 22633