Management Development Programs

Over the past 55 years IPE has trained around 1600 IAS, IFS and other government officers, through various short duration Management Development Programs.

It has conducted nearly 1100 programmes for 44000 practising managers in various types of programmes over the years. During 2015-16, about 46 programmes were conducted including 15 in company programmes which are customized programmes to suit the needs of various organizations. Programmes have spanned over all the functional areas of management and various sectoral disciplines. Customized programmes on General Management, Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Information Technology, Operational Excellence, etc have been conducted for officers of the State and Central Governments and practising managers of Public and Private Sector Organizations.

The sweeping changes in the corporate world consequent upon liberalization, privatization and globalization, the convergence of technologies and the growth of the Internet have unleashed competition both in the domestic and international markets. The new millennium demands that managers keep abreast of developments and be ahead of the needs of their organization.

In the emerging learning society, knowledge has become an important tool in the corporate world. Managers have recognized the need to update their knowledge and skills to deal with rapidly changing situations and developments in the market place. IPE shares its knowledge and expertise to build corporate India’s global competitiveness and government’s facilitation role.

IPE’s strength lies in its diverse faculty traits and experience of nearly five decades of training public and private sector executives. Experts from the Corporate sector also are included in the faculty team as and when required to make the programmes contemporary and practical. The programs are either customized in-house programs designed to suit an organization’s specific needs, or open programs where participants from different organizations attend.

In IPE’s quest towards becoming a totally integrated institute with a national presence, Management Development Programs (MDPs) play a crucial role. The objective of the MDPs is to help improve management systems through competency building at various levels in the corporate, government and non-government sectors to take on leadership roles in various positions– individually and collectively. IPE devises and designs customized programs to meet the specific needs of various organizations, in both the public and private sectors. These programs pertain to general management as well as various functional areas. The programs can be conducted at IPE campus or at a location designated by the client organizations.

In essence, the MDPs epitomize the quest for knowledge that ties together the IPE faculty and the industry through mutual exchange. The MDP’s two-way learning process filters through the Institute’s MBA (PE) and PGDM programs through case studies of current situations. As a result, IPE is able to produce leaders with not only the tools to build what tomorrow will be, but also with the knowledge of today that work effectively. The Institute has been organizing MDPs for the past 52 years for officers of state and central governments and practicing managers of public and private sector organizations. It has conducted nearly 100 programs for over 1600 officers of IAS, IFS and other allied services. IPE has also conducted over 1000 MDPs and in-company programs for nearly 44,000 practicing managers of the corporate sector.

Customized training programs and executive development interventions can be delivered at the designated venue of the client organization. The training programs are designed to help government, public and private business organizations to enhance their competence, performance, productivity and profitability. The Training Division offers a cafeteria approach to in-company learning / training, which enables the client organization to choose training modules that meet their HRD needs. IPE can design and conduct such customized training programs as per the client organization’s choice, or in combination with other modules. The duration generally ranges from 1-15 days.

Executive Development Programme / Project Management / Supply Chain Management / Commercial Accounts and Financial Management / Pooling Resources for Optimum Results / Board Development Programme / Human Resources and Personnel Management in SLPEs / Best Practices for Resource Optimization / Manufacturing Excellence / Best Result Through Competitive Advantage Analysis / Rural Marketing / Project Formulation, Project Evaluation & Project Management / Strategic Planning for Self-Sustainable Growth / Soft Skills / Frontiers of Finance / Cyber Security and Cyber Laws / Managerial Effectiveness / CSR and Sustainability / Companies Act / Finance for Non-Finance Executives.

Open-house programs draw participation from across different industries in the public and private sectors. They are spread over 2 to 6 days and organized in areas such as Strategic Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Accounting & Finance for Non-Finance Executives, HR Development, Organizational Behavior, Industrial Relations, CSR, Sustainable Development, Information Technology, Supply Chain Management, Project Management, International Capital Markets and New Financial Instruments.

Expert faculty in the respective areas identify topics of contemporary interest. Programmes and nominations are sought from various organizations for participation and they are conducted at the IPE campus. Residential facilities are also offered to the participants when required.

Institute of Public Enterprise, in its fifty two years of existence, has traversed a path of continuous improvement and has developed skills and tools that help it to be a strategic partner for Public Sectors and Government in their Capacity Building Endeavour.