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Rules for promotion

Rules for promotion

  1. To pass a course, a student has to
    1. obtain a minimum of 50% in the end-Term examination in each subject;
    2. score at least 50% of the combined marks of both continuous evaluation and end-Term examinations in each subject.
    3. At the end of the second year of the programme the student should have 60% or more marks in aggregate to be declared pass.

The above rules of promotion do not apply to non-credit courses, where grades are awarded. 

  1. There is no detention at the end of the First and Second Term Examinations. However, a student will be detained in the third Term, if he/she fails to pass at least 50% of the courses/credits in first, second and third Terms put together.

  2. Project Work, part of the IV Trimester, will be assessed as per the following scheme:

(i) Project Proposal, Field Work and Analysis            ……. 50% marks

(ii) Final Report and Viva                                           ……  50% marks

Item (i) above will be assessed by the Project Supervisor, while item (ii) will be assessed by a three faculty committee. A student will have to secure at least 60% in the project reports to be eligible to pass the examination.

  1. Comprehensive Viva-Voce will be conducted by a Committee consisting of the Course Coordinator and two senior faculty members. Comprehensive Viva-Voce is aimed to assess the student’s understanding in various subjects he/she studied during that Term. There are no internal marks for the Comprehensive Viva-Voce. Credits for the CVV will be decided by the Course Coordinators in consultation with the Dean and the Director.

Non-Credit Courses (if any)

If any non-credit course is offered in any Programme, the normal examination procedure is to be followed, and the marks obtained by a candidate shall be translated into Grade on the basis of percentage of marks scored by a candidate as given below.

a) 75% and above ‘A+’ Grade.

b) 65% and above, but less than 75% ‘A’ Grade.

c) 60% and above, but less than 65% ‘B+’ Grade.

d) Less than 60% ‘B’ Grade B.

A student, who obtains B+ and above Grade, is eligible for inclusion of the same in final marks memo.

Award of Division

  1. To be eligible for the award of Distinction or Scholarship, or Gold Medal or any other Prize (if any), a student must pass each of the Term examinations (mid & end) including comprehensive viva voce in a single attempt. Additionally, he/she must appear for these examinations along with the regular batches and not in the back-log examinations.

  2. To be awarded a First Division, a student of any PG Programme is required to pass all the courses in the sixth Term examination in ONE attempt, irrespective of the number of attempts he/she made to pass the courses of the earlier Terms.

  3. For the award of a Division the total marks scored by a candidate in all the Terms comprising the Diploma Courses is taken into reckoning. In case of non-credit courses (if any), for which Grades are awarded, a pass Grade is compulsory.

  4. The award of Division is as follows:

(a) First Division with Distinction                  75% marks and above

(b) First Division                                             Less than 75% but not less than 65% of marks

(c) Second Division                                        Less than 65% but not less than 60%

(d) Unsuccessful (Fail)                                    Less than 60%

(e) Pass Division                                             Those who could not pass all subjects along with VI
term exams.