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As per the F.No. 1-103/AICTE/GRC/Regulation/2021 of the All-India Council for Technical Education, notification dated March 22, 2021, ‘A Grievance Redressal Committee (GRC) for faculty/staff members has been constituted. The committee aims to provide opportunities for redressal of certain grievances of Faculty/Staff Members already appointed in any institution, as well as those seeking appointment to such institutions, and a mechanism thereto.


Composition of  Grievance Redressal Committee for Faculty/Staff

SI NO Name Designation Position
1 Prof S Sreenivasa Murthy Director Chairperson
2 Prof V Balakista Reddy Professor, NALSAR University  of Law, Hyderabad External Member
3 Prof Ch Lakshmi Kumari Professor Member
4 Prof V Srikanth Professor Member – Convenor


Grievance, means and includes, complaint(s) made by an aggrieved Faculty/Staff Members(s) in respect of the following services related matters namely:

  1. Withholding of, or refusal to return, any document in the form of certificates of degree, diploma, experience certificate, relieving order or any other award or other documents deposited for the purpose of seeking appointment in such institution.
  2.  Non-payment of salaries/wages and or benefits or any other allowances or dues etc’ during service or retirement/resignation, as the case may be
  3. Discrepancies between their wages  and /or benefits and other members of staff in similar roles/experience
  4. Termination without giving any reason or notice or memorandum
  5. Non-payment of gratuity amount as per prevailing Govt. rules in force on resignation/retirement; and
  6. Any other liability which is directly connected with their service and causing financial loss any harm or trauma

A complaint from an aggrieved faculty/staff member relating to the institution shall be addressed to the chairperson, Grievance Redressal Committee(GRC).