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In order to provide opportunities for redressal of certain grievances of students, IPE has constituted a Students’ Grievance Redressal Committee as per All India Council for Technical Education (Redressal of Grievance of Students) Regulations, 2019 vide F. No. 1-101/PGRC/AICTE/Regulation/2019 dated 07.11.2019.  The Committee shall study, analyze the grievance and submit its recommendations to the Director within 15 days from the date of receipt of application/complaint.  The recommendation submitted by the Committee shall be viewed and considered by Director.

The following are the Committee members:

Name Designation Position Phone No. Email
Prof. S. Sreenivasa Murthy Director Chairman 9121195123
Dr M Chandrashekar Assistant Professor Member 8187056918
Dr Anuradha Nayak Assistant Professor Member 8002510800
Dr Vasanthi Donthi Assistant Professor Member 7799239944
Dr Jyothi Koutha Assistant Professor Member 8978694000
Mr M. Phani FAO Member 9246176535
Ms G Shanmukha Soundamini Junior Student Member 9391477904
Mr Jyotirmaya Maharana Senior Student Member 8457925518
Dr. Rajkumar Pillay Coordinator Students Affairs Member Convener 9492841968