Students’ Grievance Redressal Cell

The Committee will only deal with student grievances that are not adhered in purview of Anti-Ragging Committee, SC/ST Committee and Disciplinary committees. Based on a written request, the Committee may, at its discretion, invite the aggrieved faculty / staff for a personal hearing. The Committee may hold its meeting from time to time as may be necessary. All the representations received by the end of the previous month shall be deliberated upon its meetings. In case, the issue of appropriate forum for handling a specific grievance arises, Coordinator (Student Welfare) can be consulted by the Committee. The Committee may at its own discretion, invite the aggrieved student for a personal hearing on the basis of a written request. The above Committee may hold its meetings from time to time as required. The Committee shall give its recommendations in the grievances referred within three months.

SI NO Name Designation Position Phone E-mail id
1 Dr S Sreenivasa Murthy Dean Chairman 9491159906
2 Ms J Kiranmai Registrar Member 9177005520
3 Mr M Phani FAO Member 9246176535
4 Dr Shweta Mehrotra Assistant Professor Member 8790001949
5 Ms. Madabhushi Sai Mounika Senior Student Member 7093879987
6 Mr. Karthik Bajali V Junior Student Member 7397419128
7 Dr K V Ananth Kumar Coordinator Students Affairs Member Convener 9491159906

Roles And Responsibilities:

  • The Committee shall study, analysis and submit its recommendations to the Director within 15 days from the date of receipt of application/complaint.
  • The recommendation submitted by the Grievance Redressal Committee shall be viewed and considered by Director.
  • The grievance needs to be redressed and disposed-off as soon as possible however not exceeding 30 days from the date of receipt, in the case of employee and 60 days in the case of public.
  • However under circumstance a policy decision is warranted, the subject matter may be referred by Director to Chairman Governing Body with request for direction and guidance.