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To represent and support an inclusive and vibrant student community in which members have the opportunity to expand their horizons with the new marketing trends, reach their full potential with the conceptual knowledge, and change the world around them with the help of marketing themselves in the hypercompetitive environment. 

     This club brings students together through events, sponsor-ships, publicity and awareness of IPE hosted events providing opportunities for development and social interaction that are central to many students’ college experience. This club was efficient in bringing in stalls for Fresher’s day.  The club in the past conducted events like Ad-Venture – Creating an Advertising Campaign, inQuizitive– A quiz on Marketing, Market Encounter– A puzzle based game the best managers would compete with each other. Cracking Cliché–Designing a Marketing Plan given a company and unusual product, What’s in a name? – Karachi Bakery Controversy Suggesting a New name and Marketing Campaign.


The induction program commenced with a speech delivered by Dr. Muzamil on the fundamentals of marketing and the significance of networking. He shed light on how marketing plays an integral role in every field to capture its Multifacetedness. Dr. Muzamil proceeded to offer suggestions to boost one’s confidence and conquer stage fear and one such advice included delivering presentations in the auditorium. As members of the marketing club, one of the primary qualities one shall possess is to be able to command the stage effectively. As the technological landscape continues to evolve, AI eventually became an asset to the marketing field. In Dr. Muzamil’s own words “Everyone in this world sells something to survive”.

The coordinators of the marketing club took the floor following, Dr. Muzamil’s speech as they introduced themselves to the new members. They explored the mission and vision of the club. VISION: DRIVING MARKETING EXCELLENCE AND INNOVATION MISSION: EMPOWERING FUTURE MARKETING LEADERS.

The coordinators displayed the club poster and briefed the new joinees on the tentative list of events which the club is going to conduct over the span of the academic year including but not limited to – GUEST SPEAKER SERIES, ADD MAD, AND BRANDITOUT. The induction program concluded with the newcomers sharing their suggestions.