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Right from its inception, Shastra has been focusing on activities and competitions, enhancing the knowledge and testing the waters of analytical thinking, logical reasoning and innovative solutions in the field of operations management. 

In the spirit of its name, Shastra has been a platform to sharpen the skill set of participants with regards to their operational and strategic competence. Its activities include conducting of talks on contemporary issues of operations management, creating awareness sessions on latest technologies connected with the subject area, and conducting subject quizzes to name a few.

Sastra Operations Club - CHART YOUR PATH: Navigating careers in operations and analytics

The operations and analytics event organised by the Shastra club on 30 th of August, 2023 was a successful attempt towards paving the way for the career in operations and analytics. The purpose of the event-was to provide the students with abundance knowledge in the analytical and operational sector, encouraging them to learn the techniques to survive and strive in the IT sectors and imparting them with the knowledge required for the career planning. The event was addressed by the highly qualified and esteemed faculty of institute of public enterprise including Prof Satish Kumar, Prof P.V. Vijaya Kumar Reddy, Dr. Shaheen who clarified and answered the queries received from the students and provided deeper insights in the analytical field. The emphasis was made on digitalised learning, global certifications on ERP to know more about analytical tools for handling huge data.Also valuable information on various job roles offered in analytics was provided such as data analytics, business analyst and supply chain management. The event gave a start button in the analytical and operations field to the freshers at IPE which would lead to the brighter tomorrow of all the Ipians.


SHASTRA, the operations club of IPE organized a statistics quiz, “The CONCURSO in STATISTICS” on 27th September 2023. The quiz not only challenges participants statistical knowledge and problem-solving skills but also nurtures collaboration amongst students. The event saw participation from 14 teams.

The panel of judges of the competition were Dr Rajkumar Pillay and Dr Abhay Srivastava. Dr Rajkumar Pillay kicked off the event by highlighting the pivotal role of statistics in the business landscape. He underlined the importance of statistics in analytics, the science that paves way for modern data driven decision making.

The quiz was made up of two rounds. The first round was a multiple choice one that consisted of 15 questions. Each question was displayed for 30 seconds before moving onto the next and mostly covered the foundational statistical concepts. The top five performers of the round progressed to the second and the final round where they moved on to higher stakes and displayed their problem-solving abilities. The second round comprised of 5 questions each allocated a 2-minute time limit for the participants to solve. The “fastest finger first” was adopted allowing the quickest participant to respond. If they gave the wrong answer, the next quickest participant could provide their answer.

A tie arose among the runners-up and in response, the judges suggested an additional question to determine a winner. The results were announced by Dr Abhay Srivastava

The CONCURSO in Statistics