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HR Club Case Study Competition: “Autism Ashram”  on 16.11.2023 November

The HR Club organized its second event on November 23, focusing on problem-solving and teamwork through a case study competition. The event aimed to cultivate expertise and foster values among students. Sri Jyothi, Assistant Professor and Dr. Sinju, spearheaded the initiative, emphasizing HR-related activities. The Director stressed the importance of bringing out the best talent in students, using participation as a gauge for personal and professional development.

Dr. Srinivasa Murthy, Director highlighted the multifaceted nature of HR responsibilities, which resemble the duties of Trimurties i.e, Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara encompassing talent acquisition, retention, and retrenchment. He emphasized that HR is privileged to engage in diverse functions, including orchestrating grand exits.

V. Srikanth, Dean congratulated the HR Club for organizing the event, praising the use of case studies as an effective teaching method. He acknowledged the popularity of case studies among business schools, emphasizing the role of students in driving such initiatives.


The Case Study – Autismashram

The case study focused on autism spectrum disorder, affecting 1 in 36 children. It outlined the signs and symptoms of ASD and presented a timeline of a student identified with autism at a school in Bollaram. Mr. Anil underwent training, opened a resource centre, and eventually moved the centre from the school to his home due to an incident. The case evolved from a personal initiative to a social endeavour.

Team Presentations:

  1. Mahitha’s Team: Mahitha’s team commenced the event by introducing the audience to the case matter. They actively engaged the audience by providing information about Autism and its associated conditions. Delving into the case, they shared their insights and proposed solutions.
  2. Team Ray: Team Ray, presented by Prayesh Bose and analysed by Ruchira, delved into the concept of inclusion. They specifically focused on the daily routine therapy as a crucial aspect of their presentation. Anushka Saha, within the team, recommended that Sonia take responsibility for the idea, considering its potential challenges.
  3.  Team Case Crusaders: Team Case Crusaders, led by Prerna Jha and Sounik Mitra, conducted a comprehensive SWOT analysis. Their presentation concluded with recommendations; however, they faced criticism for omitting competitor analysis from their assessment.

Judges’ Feedback:

Judges, including Dr. Sinju, Sri Jyothi highlighted the lack of competitor analysis in teams’ presentation. Team Ray argued for the emotional quotient’s significance, while Ma’am emphasized practicality and business perspective.

Results: Winners:  Team Ray


The HR Club expressed gratitude to the judges for their time and assistance. Dr. Sinju remains optimistic about the club’s future endeavours, emphasizing the importance of continuous improvement. The event highlighted the practical application of HR concepts and the need for a holistic approach in problem-solving and decision-making.

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