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“AD- MAD” Create a Video- TARANG

On November 17th  2023, TARANG – The Marketing Club had conducted a spectacular  and enriching AD campaign -Ad-Mad” – enabling your creative mind. 

The mid day event commenced with a joyful gathering of all the student enthusiasts coming from a plethora of streams. The organizers welcomed our Esteemed professors viz, Dr Srikanth, Dr Jyoti Lakshmi, Dr Prarthana, Dr M. j Ramakrishna, Dr Azar Ali and Dr Rajkumar Pillai.  

To begin with, Our dean Dr, Srikanth addressed the audiences with regards to the event and infused the spirits of the contestants. Our next amicable speaker Dr Rajkumar Pillai, recollected his vintage days and enlightened the students with his remarkable words. 

The organisers laid the foundation and screenplayed the advertisements. Our very first ad,-LEON Shoes, gave a spectacular beginning to the saga. Followed  with the ads ; BELLA CUP, SAM INCENSE STICKS, MM ALMONDS, LUFFY LIGHTS, GALAXY BAGS, A2 MILK DELIGHT, NIVIA SHOES and CRUDE NUTRITION. Each Team was representing their ad campaigns, with a beautiful representation and connected with the audiences. There was a battle of joy, laughter, learning and fun. Each participant came up to the dias representing their teams, spoke about their challenges while shooting and shared their experiences. 

While we reached our climax and the audiences awaited for the results. The organisers announced the results: And the WInner is ” CRUDE NUTRITION” And the Runner up goes to ” BELLA CUP”.  Our judges, Professor M. J. Ramakrishna, Dr Prarthana and Dr. Azahar Ali  also gave their takeaways and suggestions and encouragement. There was an astonishment amongst our startled audiences and the session ended up with a grand success. 

Our organisers delivered their vote of thanks and extended their warm regards to everyone present at the event.

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