Prof R Venkateswar Rao

Prof R Venkateswar Rao


Short Bio

Dr R. Venkateswar Rao, Professor of Finance at IPE, Hyderabad. He did his Master’s in Business Management (MBA) and PhD from Osmania University.

He is an enthusiastic Teacher with his heart and soul into teaching and an active researcher. He has a rich blend of teaching experience and research in Management, specifically in the area of Finance. He is teaching for the past 34 years at Master’s and doctoral level and has guided scholars for their PhD and M.Phil degrees. He has a good number of publications at national level journals in the area of finance and presented papers in UGC sponsored national Seminars.

He is keen on research in the area of finance, with special focus on responsibility and accountability of financial services industry. This brings him to future research focused on Total Quality Management in Financial Services like Banking, Insurance, Mutual Funds and others.

In more than three decades of service in Osmania University, he had been an active administrator, contributing in various capacities and roles as Principal of University Post-Graduate College, Coordinator of MBA Technology Management Programme, Placement Officer in Business Management Department and Chairman, Board of Studies in Business Management.

Academic Area and Degrees

  • Academic Area: Finance
  • Degrees:Ph.D, M.B. A.

Areas Of Interest

  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Cost and Management Accounting
  • Financial Risk Management & Derivatives
  • Strategic Financial Management

Research Interests

  • Measurement and Management of Financial Risk Associated with Investments in Financial Assets.

Research and Publications

  • Ph.D
    1. Dr. M.A.Nayeem :Testing Traditional and Conditional Asset Pricing Models- An Empirical Study of Pre and Post Recession Periods, 2019 Osmania University.
    2. Dr.Ms. Humera Fatima : Bank Loan Recovery – A Study of Select Banks in India, 2020, Osmania University.
    3. Dr.Brigadier. Rajiv Kumar Sahni : Strategies for Inductive Capacity build-up through
    4. Defence Acquisitions, 2020 Osmania University.
  • M.Phil
    1. Capt. B.C Pant : Quantitative Techniques for Optimisation in Armed Forces. 2010, Osmania University
    2. COL. A.K. Narula : A Critical Study of the Logistics in Indian Army for Duel Tasking, 2012, Osmania University
    3. Brig. Arvind Walia : Nuclear Energy is the key to India’s Energy Security, 2014, Osmania University
    4. Col. V. Hari Haran : Qualification of Competencies for Appraisal in Indian Armed Forces, 2014, Osmania University
    5. Col. A.D.Saha : A Study on the Special Forces and their Influence on Indian Armed Forces, 2016, Osmania University
    6. Col. R.Satya Narayanan : Pragmatic Approach to Ensuring Quality intake into Officer Cadre and reviewing requirement of types of Entry, 2018, Osmania University.
    7. Col. Anupam Gautam : Alternative Outlook to Economic Development in India’s North-East Region: 2020, Osmania University
  • Publications
    1. Impact of Rights Issue on Shareholders’ Wealth, Finance India, ISSN No.0970-3772, December, 2010, National.
    2. Stock Splits-Price Variations and Trading Profits, Osmania Journal of Management ISSN No. 0976-420, October 2008.
    3. Sensex Vs Nifty, Osmania Journal of Management. ISSN No. 0976-4208, February, 2009
    4. Stock Dividends Vs Stock Prices, Osmania Journal of Management. ISSN No. 0976-4208, June, 2009.
    5. Assessment of Initial Public Offerings, Osmania Journal of Management. ISSN No. 0976-4208, October, 2009.
    6. An Empirical Study of Banking Firms in India, Osmania Journal of Management. ISSN No. 0976-4208
    7. Do Buy-back of Shares Push-up Stock Prices, Osmania Journal of Management. ISSN No .0976-4208, February, 2010
    8. An Empirical Study on NPA’s and Their Impact on Bank’s Profitability, International Journal of Research. ISSN No. 2236-6124, January 2019

Papers presented in conferences

  • A Comparative Study on NPA’s of Nationalized SBI Group and Public Sector Banks in India from the Perspective of Loan Recovery, Proceedings of International Conference on Innovation and Re-Engineering of Management Practices for Sustainability, International, 31-01-2019 to 02-02-2019, Hyderabad.
  • Testing Conditional CAPM with most active Stocks Listed on BSE-An Empirical Study. Strategic Issues in Business Management and Economics, National, August 2014, Hyderabad.