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Analytics Symposium ‘23 On November 22nd , 2023, the Institute of Public Enterprises, conducted an exclusive and enriching Analytics Symposium. The mid-day event commenced with the student organisers addressing the dignitaries Dr. Srinivas Murthy , the Director, Dr Srikanth , The Dean, Dr Rajkumar Pillai and Dr Jyothi Lakshmi, them, inviting the Chief Guests, Mr Vinay Kumar, founder and Managing Director of Datawise, Mr Rajeev Gupta, Managing Director of Global Data, Mr Uday Bhate, Managing Director Nmore and Mr Harsha Gadiyaram, Co founder of Vishya Learning. Moving forward, the honorables were delivered a bouquet as a token of gratitude to kick start the session. The Director, Dr Srinivas Murthy enlightened the student enthusiasts by giving insights about the world of Analytics and the opportunities privileged at IPE. Following up, with the Dean, Dr Srikanth, with his astonishing words, welcomed the cheif speakers. Next comes, Dr Rajkumar Pillai, one of the chief faculties, from Analytics and Operations department, addressed the audiences with regards to the Analytics leading the Business sphere.

To begin with, the first Guest Speaker, Mr Uday Bhate refreshed the audiences, with his Innovation, Intuition and Inquisitiveness. His major focus was on the Managerial tools and applications in the corporate industry. He mentioned how, the tools are used by Managers, Academicians and for Techies. Amidst, he made it quite interactive which enriched the essence of learning.

The next speaker, Mr Rajeev Gupta, Managing Director of Global Data, had enlighted us with the Evolution of Global Data. They were formed in the year 2016, and has a long standing heritage. He mentioned on the Quitenssential difference between AI and AI Generative. The initiatives of Global Data areare into, competitor intelligence, Sales Intelligence, Market Intelligence, Innovation, Theme and Forcasting. He added, with regards to AI HUB, an emerging technology introduced in there space. He presented it with an ease.

The third speaker, the most dynamic, Mr Harsha Gadiyaram, introduced the student enthusiasts with a next topic ” Analytics Through Financial Market Lens”. He drove us through the massive data collection figures extracting it from big data sources. “Financial Analytics is a conglomerate of Domain knowledge, Mathematics and Computer Science.” He stressed onto the importance and it’s applications in the world of Finance. He also mentioned about different case studies associated and addressed our audiences.

Next comes, the Final Cheif Speaker, Mr Vinay Kumar, the most experienced Dignitaries. He has an overall of 30 years of working experience in the field of Data science and analytics and consulting working at Apollo, E&Y and so on. He addressed the students on the utmost importance ” Human Continues Interaction with AI. ” He questions the audience, does AI replace a Job. ‘A Machine is the CEO of a company and that’s the future ” Says Mr Vinay, and explains on the importance of coding. He takes us back to the history of Data science and explains how it has been emerged and established as one of the leading weapons for developing an advanced future. He added up with various examples and instances and keeps up with the audience.

Finally, we reached to the climax of the event. The honorables were invited for a Corpate Panel Q& A session. There was a questionnaire for the panelists, for which they guided us with their abundance of knowledge and handled the student queries.

Summing up, the esteemed professors, presented a token of thankfulness to the dignitaries and delivered their vote of appreciation, extending their warm regards to everyone present, and ended the event successfully.

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