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Date of the event:- 19th March 2021

Venue :   IPE Auditorium

Faculty Inaugurating the event: – Dean – Prof S Sreenivasa Murthy

Registrar – Ms. J. Kiranmai

Student Affair Coordinator – Dr KV Anantha  Kumar

No of Students attended:- 450

A vibrant and colourful cultural event reflecting the diaspora and diversity of Indian culture and values. A day of celebration with a mixture of the rich traditions and the vibrancy of India’s diversified culture and people. It is an expression and representation of talent and creativity of IPE'ians, the Ethnic Day is celebrated in Institute of Public Enterprise which commences with an Opening ceremony of dance/music performance followed by a multiple events.
This celebration is usually very exuberant, ethnic and memorable for all the students. The staff and students of IPE enjoy a joyous and colourful day celebrating our motherland INDIA.
On 19 th March 2021, Cultural Club had organized the first offline event ETHNIC DAY following the COVID 19 precautions. This event focussed on carrying forward the tradition of India and its diversity. This event set off by Dean Prof S Sreenivasa Murthy with his address followed by address by Registrar Ms. J Kiranmai. Student affairs Coordinator Dr K V Anantha Kumar addressed the student community on the occasion. Faculty, Officers and Non-teaching staff were present at auditorium on the occasion. There were good number of dance and music performances. Games were conducted to make it  more attractive. The special attraction of the event was Mr & Ms ETHNIC competition.

Overall, the event was carried out for a duration of 2 hours 30 minutes and was successful, many satisfactory feedbacks were given about the event and appreciation was received from the dignitaries, faculties, beloved juniors and batchmates.

During the entire event all the COVID 19 Protocols like using of mask, sanitizer, social distancing, and alternative seating was followed considering the safety of students.

Director, Dean, Registrar, Student Affairs Coordinator were thanked by the cultural club members for extending their support. They thanked the entire student community and the technical support team for their support throughout the event.

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