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  • It’s a place full of opportunities and exposure and being a part of PGDM-HRM I can proudly say that it’s not like any general HR specialization. We have been nurtured to foster in subjects of Human Resource Management with relevant market trends with constant guidance and mentoring of faculties from the beginning of the course which made the roots stronger.

    Priyanka Panda, PGDM HRM
    HR Executive Talent Development, (LDP), TCS
  • IPE and the PGDM-HRM course is a great place of learning which has the best faculty well versed in the subjects. The internal and external mentors from Institute and corporates clarify doubts and provide wide exposure.

    Rashmi Paladagu
    HR Generalist, Amazon, US
  • IPE has been one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life. The best thing about IPE is the Faculty, who constantly push us to be the best version of ourselves. It has always been a pleasure to represent and win accolades for our beloved institution at many state and national level events. None of this would have been possible without the support of our faculty. Personally, I have thoroughly enjoyed all my days in IPE. All the skills I picked up in IPE helped me land in a better spot not only in my career but also in my life. I strongly feel and believe IPE will continue to help many more aspiring management professionals

    Venkatesh Deekonda, PGDM (Flagship Programme)
    Associate, Triniti Advanced Software Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  • For us, the game-changer in the IPE ecosystem was the support and encouragement we got from faculty members to realize our potential. Besides a rigorous curriculum, the multiple club activities fostered in us a competitive spirit, peer learning, and coping with setbacks. We also got the chance to host various quiz events as a part of the club activities which gave us a lot of confidence. While we came second in the Tata Crucible in 2018, a high point in our career, we look forward to two girls from IPE besting us.

    Kakoli Das, PGDM (Flagship Programme)
    Triniti Advanced Software Labs Pvt. Ltd. Shalini Chourasiya, Deloitte
  • IPE has been instrumental in defining who I am today. Right from the faculty to the infrastructure, there has always been support and guidance. It has provided a platform for holistic development – to pursue extracurricular activities and in becoming a management professional.

    Kavyasree Kolluru, PGDM (Flagship Programme)
    HR Analyst, Deloitte, USI, Hyderabad
  • As I entered the portals of IPE, my mind was clouded with thoughts – all centered on what was in store for me. Within a few weeks, much to my joy, I realized I was having a fair share of fun along with learning experiences. The camaraderie at the hostel, my active role in academic and nonacademic events during my MBA tenure, and not forgetting my mentors’ and teachers’ guidance – all helped in building my confidence and shaping my personality. All along I held on to this philosophy – ‘Live in the moment’ and this truly made my time spent at IPE a thoroughly enjoyable one.

    Kritika Kapoor, PGDM (Flagship Programme)
    Senior Analyst - Talent Acquisition Deloitte Consulting India Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad
  • The curriculum of PGDM – IB is power-packed and updated on a regular basis as per the latest industry requirements. Subjects such as International Finance, International Marketing, MNC strategies at BOP Markets (which are exclusive subjects for IB) gave me insights into various critical aspects of International Business and Globalization. As part of the international port visit (which is yet another unique feature of IB), our batch visited the North Port of Malaysia. The current batch of students visited many more countries such as France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, etc as part of the industry visit.

    Vineeth Kumar Shenoy, PGDM IB
    Analyst, Knowledge Management, Deloitte
  • The program PGDM IB provided us with enumerated knowledge where specifically the foundation of International marketing and operations gave us deep insights into the global markets & challenges, Global supply chain, and its benefits, etc, which helped me to reach a good position, where I am today. A management degree with an additional dose of International Business is very useful in today’s globalized world. The IB school has excellent faculty members and I will always remain grateful for the guidance and support offered by them.

    B. Abhishek, PGDM IB
    Senior Associate Product Support- Asia Pacific Region Solenis GCC
  • The PGDM International Business program at IPE is among the best programs offered in International Business in our country. I had the opportunity to study this course and it has helped me lay that foundation upon which I have built a promising career within the corporate world. I am happy to say that most of us were able to achieve satisfying heights in our careers and the PGDM IB course has definitely played a pivotal role in our careers.

    Harish Kumar Bheemarth, PGDM IB
    Senior Strategist, Google
  • As a part of my PGDM-HRM journey at IPE, I saw myself enhance my knowledge and skills not only academically but holistically. IPE gave me opportunity to apply what I learned in the class rooms through numerous activities and competitions. The experience and knowledge at IPE helps me cut through complex client requirements, and stakeholder management etc.

    Kameswari Chandra Teja K, PGDM HRM
    Sourcing Analyst, Deloitte India
  • PGDM-HRM course at IPE provides great practical learning in the area of human resources management. It is the destination for students aiming to work as HR professionals. The course has paved my way to Deloitte as a Talent Analyst.

    Shruti Asiniparthi, PGDM HRM
    Sr. Talent Analyst, Deloitte India
  • It was a great experience to be a part of IPE-International Business family wherein we learned so many things which are really helping now as we move on to make a name for ourselves in the business world. Apart from theoretical knowledge the practical knowledge played a very important role which insured I don’t feel totally alienated and stranger when I start my corporate journey as a fresher.

    Eshan Verma, PGDM IB
    Senior Analyst, Novartis