Responsibilities of IQAC Members

Designation Responsibilities
Chairperson, IQAC o   Overall supervision of IQAC activities

o   Approve IQAC minutes of meeting

o   Communicate decisions taken during IQAC meetings to the management

Coordinator, IQAC o   Ensure active participation of all members in meetings/deliberations

o   Co-ordinate activities of IQAC

o   Enable in preparing Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR)

o   Scheduling of meetings, preparation of the agenda and minutes of the meeting

o   Maintain documents relating to IQAC activities, communication (within the organization) and archival

o   Assist Programme coordinators in matters related to IQAC

Member, IQAC o   Attend the meetings of IQAC regularly

o   Participate actively in preparation of AQAR

o   Contribute actively in academic audits

o   Participate actively in all other activities of IQAC

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