Ms J Kiranmai

Ms J Kiranmai

Assistant Professor

Short Bio

Kiranmai is an Assistant Professor in the areas of accounting and finance. She holds a Masters in Philosophy in Management and MCom with specialization in Banking and Finance. She has undertaken many research and consultancy assignments apart from organizing management development programs for various Central and State enterprises. She is an Editor of the Indian Journal of Corporate Governance published by SAGE Pvt Ltd. She is presently Head, the Center for Corporate Governance and CSR at IPE. She has participated and presented research papers in national and international seminars, and published in many national and international journals of repute

Academic Area and Degrees

  • Academic Area: Accounting, Finance
  • Degrees:MBA, MPhil, M.Com, PGDCA (Aptech Computers)

Academic Appoinments

  • Assistant Professor
  • Research Associate
  • Research Assistant

Courses Teaching

  • Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Ethics, Financial services and Institutions, Accounting, Mergers and Acquisition

Research Statement

  • Creating societal awareness through research

Research Interests

  • Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Business Ethics
  • Public Enterprise Management
  • Banking and Finance

Featured work and Publications

    1. Team Lead, Environmental Finance for a Sustainable Society, NFCG, MoCA, GoI (on going), 2023
    2. Team Lead, CG practices in family owned business, NFCG, MoCA, GoI, 2022
    3. Team Lead, CG practices in BRICS countries, NFCG, MoCA, GoI, 2022
    4. Team member, Centers of excellence in sustainable tourism to boost economic development and enhance university-business cooperation in Southern Asia / CESTour sponsored by ERASMUS (First year, 2021)
    5. Principal Investigator, Corporate Governance Practices in Listed Central Public Sector Enterprises in India, NFCG, MoCA, 2018
    6. Co-Director, Effective Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility for Sustainable Business, 2016
    1. Team Lead, Glandpharma Impact Assessment for CSR projects for the year 2021-22, 2023
    2. Team Lead, BDL Impact Assessment and Annual Report Preparation, 2020-21, BDL, MoD, 2023
    3. Team Lead, NLCIL CSR Impact Assessment for the year 2020-21, NLCIL, GoI, 2021-22
    4. Team Lead, BEL Impact Assessment of the construction of toilets under CSR, BEL, GoI, 2021-22
    5. Team Lead, NLCIL CSR Impact Assessment for the year 2020-21, NLCIL, GoI, 2020-21
    6. Principal Investigator, BDL Impact Assessment for CSR project for 2019-20, BDL, GoI
    7. Principal Investigator, ECIL Impact Assessment for CSR projects for 2019-20, ECIL, GoI
    8. Team Member, GAIL Impact Assessment for CSR Projects for 2019-20, GAIL, GoI, 2021-22
    9. Team Member, GAIL Impact Assessment for CSR Projects for 2016-17 and 2017-18, GAIL, 2019-20
    10. Team Member, ODF Verification – Phase 3 (Krishna District); SAC, GoAP, 2018-19
    11. Team Member, ODF Verification – Phase 1 & 2 (Krishna District); SAC, GoAP, 2017-2018
    1. Environmental Finance for a Sustainable Society: An Overview, Abdul Rafay (University of Management and Technology, Pakistan) and Marie G. Nakitende (Uganda Martyrs University, Uganda), Finance for Sustainability in a Turbulent Economy, DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-5580-7.ch006, IGI Handbook (Opensource indexed journal), June 2022
    2. Addressing Social Risks: The Corporate Social Responsibility Way, A. Das Gupta (ed.), A Casebook of Strategic CSR, Sustainability, Ethics & Governance, Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. 2022
    3. Recent Advances in Corporate Governance: A Global View, Corporate Governance - Recent Advances and Perspectives, Associate Prof. Okechukwu Lawrence Emeagwali and Associate Prof. Feyza Bhatti Ed. Volume, DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.100135 (Opensource indexed journal) , 2021
    4. Strategic Role of Public Enterprise in Current Scenario, Kaleidoscope, SCOPE, New Delhi April, 2020
    5. Duties of Directors: International Comparison vis-à-vis India, Kaleidoscope, SCOPE, N Volume 39. No. 9, February 2020
    6. Responsible Business Conduct-Indian Business Practices towards Social Inclusiveness. South Asian Journal of Management, 28(2), 2021
    7. Corporate Governance Practices in Listed State-owned Enterprises in India: An Empirical Research, Indian Journal of Corporate Governance 12 (1), 2019 published by SAGE Pvt Ltd (ABDC – C category)
    8. Scope and modalities of restructuring state owned enterprises in India’, ABRM-ZGU 9th ROGE-2019, University of Oxford, UK

Awards & Honours

  • Management Conference held during 4-8 August 2023 in Boston, MA, USA
  • Completed Certificate program on Corporate Governance, IICA, MoCA, 2020
  • Certified CSR trainer by IICA, MoCA, GoI
  • Attended the Advanced Leadership Programme conducted by IPE during 17th November to 15th December 2014 and visited International Centre for Promotional Enterprises (ICPE) and Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Visiting Academics, Waikato Management School, Waikato University, New Zealand, 18th April to 1st June, 2012.