Dr Abhay Srivastava


Dr Abhay Srivastava

Associate Professor


Dr. Abhay K Srivastava holds 21 years of teaching experience. He has worked in various renowned colleges and universities of India like Jaipuria Institute of Management, ICFAI Business School, Amity University Noida, IILM Delhi etc. He has published 21 research papers in various national and international journals of high repute including Scopus indexed, web of science and sage. He is guiding several Ph.D scholars. He has attended several international/national conferences, seminars, training programs and FDP. He was Examination Controller at Jaipuria Institute of Management from May 2016- May 2018 and Area chair of Operations and Decision Sciences in 2017-18 in the same institute. He also worked as a Member of Editorial Board in various Journals. Dr. Srivastava has conducted several training programs and MDPs in the area of research analysis and Operations. Some of his research contributions are given below:


  • 1. “Application of UML for Modeling Urban Traffic System Using Producer Consumer Theory to Generate Process Algebra Model”. Journal of International Technology and Information Management. Vol. 16 Issue 4 2007
  • 2. “Development of Effective Urban Road Traffic Management Using Workflow Techniques for Upcoming Metro-cities like Lucknow (India)” International journal of security and its Applications. Vol. 2 No. 2 2008
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  • 6. “Resolving Traffic Management crisis through behavioral issues in the upcoming Metro-cities like Lucknow(India) “ Journal of Asian Business Management Vol. 1, No.2, July-Dec 2009: 271-279
  • 7. “Capacity Requirement Planning using Petri Dynamics” International Review on Computer and Software IRECOS November 2010
  • 8. “Data Mining in Education Sector: A Review” International Journal of Advanced Networking and Applications (IJANA) Feb. 2015. 184-190.
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  • 10. “A road Map to enhance Employability index and Selection prediction of Management students using K means Clustering and Binary Regression” International Journal of Data Mining and Emerging Technologies, Volume 6, no.2 ( Nov. 2016), 61-69.
  • 11. “Role of ICT and tourism in economic growth of India” International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Management in the Digital Age, Volume 1 • Issue 1 • January-June 2017.
  • 12. A study on the performance pattern of PGDM Students using two step clustering" Pacific Business Review International (ISSN 0974 438X) Volume 10 Issue 3, September- 2017.
  • 13. An Overview of Educational Data Mining” International Journal of Advance and Innovative Research. Volume 4 Issue 4(III), October-December- 2017.
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