Modus Operandi of IQAC

Meetings of IQAC

Members will meet quarterly i.e., four times in an academic calendar. Additional meetings may be held as and when required. Coordinator in consultation with chairperson decides the agenda and sends communication to all members. The date, time, venue and agenda of the meeting will be communicated to the members at least one week in advance. Minutes of the meeting will be sent to the members by e-mail and uploaded to institution’s website.

Academic audit

Academic audit will be done after completion of every Trimester. Schedule of the audit will be finalized by the Chairperson after discussion with the members during IQAC meeting. Audit will be done as per the Academic audit module. Audit reports submitted by the auditors are sent to the department/activity heads for corrective action.

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Preparation of Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR)

AQAR will be prepared and discussed during IQAC meeting. Finalized AQAR will be placed before Managing Committee for the approval and the approved AQAR will be uploaded to the institution’s website.