S.No. Name of the Journal Origin
1 A set of 7 journals American Economic Association
Journal of Economic Literature
AEJ Applied Economics
AEJ Journal of Economic Policy
AEJ Journal of Macro Economics
AEJ Journal of Micro Economics
American Economic Review
Journal of Economic Perspectives
2 Current science F
3 MIT Sloan Management Review F
4 ABA Banking Journal F
5 Academy of Management Journal F
6 Academy of Management Review F
7 Accountancy F
8 Administrative Science Quarterly F
9 Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics F
10 Developing Economies F
11 Financial Management F
12 Foreign Direct Investment F
13 Fortune International F
14 Harvard Business Review F
15 Impact Assessment and project appraisal F
16 International Journal of Project Management F
17 Journal of Management Education F
18 Journal of Marketing Research F
19 Financial Markets Institutions and Instruments N
20 Brand Reporter N
21 Business Today N
22 Business India N
23 Business World N
24 Chartered Accountant N
25 Chartered Financial Analyst N
26 Dalal street N
27 Economic and Political weekly N
28 Economic Developments in India N
29 Economic Developments in India N
30 Economic Intelligence CMIE N
31 Economist N
32 Entrepreneur N
33 Finance India N
34 Financial Executive Magazine N
35 Financial Planning N
36 Financial Planning Journal (published by FP Standard Board India) N
37 Financial Review N
38 Global Business Review N
39 Human Capital N
40 ICFAI Journal of Applied finance N
41 ICFAI Reader N
42 IEEE Software Magazine N
43 IIMB Management Review N
44 India Today N
45 Indian Economic & Social History Review N
46 Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics N
47 Indian Journal of Finance N
48 Indian Journal of Human Development N
49 Indian Journal of Labour Economics N
50 Indian Journal of Marketing N
51 Indian Journal Public Enterprise IIPA N
52 Indian Labour Journal N
53 Indian Management N
54 Industrial Economist N
55 Insurance Time (set of 4) N
56 Journal of Finance N
57 Journal of Human Values N
58 Journal of Indian School of Political economy N
59 Journal of Infrastructure Development N
60 Journal of Management review N
61 Life Insurance Today (set of 4) N
62 Monthly Commentary on Indian Economic Conditions N
63 Opsearch N
64 Outlook N
65 Outlook Business N
66 Outlook profit N
67 Pitch N
68 PR Communication Age (set of 4) N
69 Productivity News N
70 Psychology and Developing Societies N
71 Public Undertaking Digest and News Views N
72 RBI Bulletin N
73 Readers Digest N
74 Seminar (Indian) N
75 Time N
76 University News N
77 Vikalpa N
78 World Affairs (Indian) N
79 Yojana (English) N