Life at IPE


Institute of Public Enterprise, being one of the leading B-Schools, offers its students a very homely and holistic atmosphere. It accommodates students from different states, cultures, habitats and nourishes them into a family. Diversity at its best can be seen at IPE in a small scale. The nature and weather at IPE brings the student a heavenly and healthy feeling.

The student family in IPE will be bonded forever and is the only reason why the Alumni of IPE is too good and responsible towards their institute. All the students will make their new extended family in their two years of time spent at the campus and the memories will be cherished by them throughout their life. Experience will help somewhere in everyone’s life and the experience in IPE will make a whole new learning in everyone’s life. The essence of IPE’s education is not only about delivering subject content alone but also to impart the values and morals and thus turning an IPE student into a global professional. The mock test of being a professional is conducted at IPE in the form of organizing various Activities of Clubs and participating in such activities, Celebrating of Countless events where there is no pass or fail but the learning is what that makes a difference.

The student Life at IPE can be better understood by knowing about the:

Flagship Event Sanskriti

Activities of Various Student clubs

  • Quiz club
  • Operations club
  • Finance club
  • Marketing club
  • Literature club
  • HR club
  • Photography club
  • Social club
  • Cultural club
  • Speak out club
  • Sports club

Celebration of various Events like

  • Independence Day
  • Ganesh Chaturdhi
  • Onam
  • Garba Night
  • Bathukamma Festival
  • Fresher’s Day
  • Sports Day
  • Anti- Ragging and Anti -Narcotics Campaigning
  • Blood Donation camp
  • Box of Kindness
  • Haritha Haram


The events and celebrations are in the DNA of the institute. The Institute celebrates all the national festivals, Regional carnivals and cultural fiestas. It has a rich culture of responding immediately to the social needs. Its activities and events are cornered round the topics of topical relevance. National festivals like Independence Day and Republic Day celebrated with patriotism. Festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Onam Chrismas etc were celebrated with revered ness. Garba Night, Bathukamma were organized and celebrated with regional touch.. Freshers, Farewell and Musical Night are celebrated with effervescing enthusiasm.

Sports day is celebrated with competitive spirit. Blood Donation camp, Box of Kindness, Daan Utsav, Sense the Darkness campaign, Anti Ragging Campaign, Service to Orphans, Haritha Haram, Organ Donation Camp,Me to Run, Candle March for Martyr of Pulwama attack etc conducted in the past with social tilt.

Independence Day

Independence Day of India, A National Festival celebrated every year on 15th of August this year being no exception. On this day in 1947 India got freedom from British Rule. The celebration are done to develop feeling of togetherness and Unity and to understand the importance of freedom and responsibility.

Speeches in different Languages bringing in front the freedom struggle, the growth and Development path of India, Diverse Cultures of the country Singing of Patriotic songs etc were part of the celebrations. The celebrations earmark the Unity in Diversity Philosophy of the Institute and so are of Our Incredible India.

Ganesh Chaturdhi

Ganesh Chaturthi, marking the birth of the elephant-headed deity Ganesha, the god of prosperity, wisdom and good fortune begins on the fourth day (chaturthi) of the month of Bhadrapada. An important Hindu festival celebrated with a great devotion at IPE. , The festival was marked with the installation of Ganesh idol in the campus premises. The festival was celebrated to a maximum of eleven days. This year it was celebrated for five days.

The students participate in all the rituals with devotion and dedication. Conducting of lot of games by cultural club after dinner timing adds flavour to the celebrations. On the last day of celebration Utti Striking event will be held followed by a Procession of the Ganesh Idol in the campus. Students dance on the beats of Dhol amidst the flying colours of the festivities and finally the procession and the celebrations end with Ganesh Idol Immersion. The 2019 festivities started on 2nd September 2019 with the installation of Ganesh Idol.


Just as sweetness cannot be separated from honey, just as beauty cannot be separated from a rainbow, Onam cannot be separated from a Keralite’s heart. All the students from the state of Kerala filled the environment with traditional attire in a way the festival vibes flowered in to IPE. This year it was celebrated on 9th Sep, 2019.

As a part of the celebrations A beautiful rangoli was made by the students with the help of different flowers. King Mahabali was welcomed on the occasion. Thiruvathira performance by the students initiated the Onam Celebrations. Various games like Vadamvali, Lemon and spoon race, Sack race and Cracking of pots were conducted on this occasion.

Garba Night

This event was celebrated every year during Nine days of Dussehra. As a part of celebrations the students do Garba dance, the dance which symbolizes that God, represented in feminine form is the only thing that remains unchanging in a constantly changing universe. Garba songs typically revolve around the subjects of the nine goddesses.

This celebrations takes place in the open place in the campus either at football ground or near the six pillars.. Both Boys and Girls join for Garba dance and Dandiya. Both men and women usually wear colourful costumes while performing garba and dandiya. Garba costumes Dandiya sticks will be made available in the campus at a price for the student community. DJ will be arranged during Garba night. This year’s Garba celebration were on 27th Sep, 2019.

Bathukamma Festival

Bathukamma, a floral festival is a tradition of telangana and it represents cultural spirit of telangana. Bathukamma festival indicates the beginning of Sarad or Sharath Ruthu. On the day of celebration at the academic block entrance, near 6 pillars, a beautiful flower stack is arranged with different unique seasonal flowers, in seven concentric layers in the shape of temple gopuram. Interested students play kolatam around this flower stack.

The students dress up in Indian traditional attire for this occasion. This festival is celebrated with joy and gaiety. During these celebrations, there are dance performances and music. This year it was celebrated on 30th Sep, 2019

Fresher's Day

With a purpose of welcoming newcomers to the institute in a friendly atmosphere the institute celebrates fresher’s party. The other purpose is to encourage the creative impulses to boost their confidence of the fresher. Each and every fresher’s party comes with a theme.

Dances, Speeches Performances Dramas were part of each and every fresher’s party at the institute. It is customary to have Mr Fresher and Miss Fresher every year. This year fresher party on 23rd Aug 2019 is no exception to that. The theme for the party was CHALACHITRA.

Sports Day

Sports and gаmеѕ have been an indispensible раrt of human race for thousands of years. One should not underestimate the significance of sports and games. The young children learning most of the times happen because of their participation in sports and games. The pаrtісіраtіоn of students in sports and games can result in happier, healthier and more рrоduсtіvе lives.

On recognizing the importance of sports in human life, the sports club had organized a Sports Day on 6th and 7th Nov, 2019 for both indoor and outdoor sports. Good number of games and sports were conducted for women there by ensuring the active participation of both genders in sports day.

IPE known for a healthy and amiable academic environment for the students, the institution offers protection to the new entrants from the menace of ragging. In this regard the Institute has constituted an Anti-Ragging Cell. On the 13th of August 2019, Tuesday an anti-ragging and anti- narcotic awareness campaign was organized. The event was conducted to educate the students on the ill-effects of ragging and usage of drugs.

The event was graced by the presence of Mr. Sreenivas, Sub Inspector of Shamirpet police station who shared his valuable insights and promoted awareness regarding the criminal proceedings against anyone who is caught in acts of ragging or substance abuse. The student volunteers of the social club have also shared their views on ragging and narcotics .They mentioned how IPE has been a ragging free zone and they pledge to take it further.

Blood Donation Camp

“Donate blood and save life”, the best saying ever. The saying has gained its importance in recent days and even people from villages started believing that donating blood is a good practice. This change was mainly observed in today’s young generation because they accept that donating a unit blood will save a human life.

As a part of social club, with responsibility to take the society closer to humanity, organised a Blood Donation camp was organized on December 3rd, 2019 and by donating the collected units to Thalassemia affected children. For the first time HDFC bank came forward to sponsor the event thereby showing their CSR. We have collected nearly 100 units of blood and the same were transferred to the destination in time. The event was a big hit not due to the registrations and participants but because of the number of Lives saved.

Box of Kindness

“When you have excess donate it to the needy and what you gave will return to you in some way or the other”. This has to be inculcated in the children since their childhood and they should be brought up with humanity.

To create a sharing environment and to bring out the humanity side in everyone, the student community took an initiative named BOX OF KINDNESS. This is where the whole college will bring everything that is not useful to them starting from a safety pin to a pen. All the collected things will be donated to an orphanage on behalf of IPE.The initiative at the institute was started on 9th Dec, 2019 at 11.40 am.

Haritha Haram

“Reversing deforestation is complicated, planting trees is simple”. To increase the green cover in the state flagship program by the Telangana Government Haritha haram was initiated. Social club of IPE takes up the initiative of organzing this event. Every year and this year this event was taken up on 8th August, 2019.

The event was held on August 8th 2019, Thursday. The event was commenced by Director Dr. R.K Mishra planting a sapling, followed by Dean Dr. Srinivas Murthy, Student affairs Coordinator Dr. K.V.Anantha Kumar, Prof. Murthy Halemane, Professor from Rotterdam School of Management and other faculty members. The Social Club takes oath of planting trees for a better tomorrow.


Sanskriti, IPE’s flagship event, is planned to bring the management schools, industry, policy makers, practitioners and management students together onto a platform of excellence. It was conducted on 5th and 6th of January 2019. Dr.Shailender Kumar Josh,i IAS, Chief Secretary of Government of Telangana and Sri. V.Udaya Bhaskar, Chairman and Managing Director, Bharat Dynamics Limited graced the occasion. The event is scheduled next year on 3rd and 4th Jan 2020.

Since 1995, Sanskriti has added many petals to the flower called ‘IPEan Culture’ which has permeated a vast number of management institutions and resulted in upgrading the quality of business education contributing directly to the growth of Indian business especially in sectors such as Information Technology, Biotechnology, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, Banking and Insurance, Infrastructure, Financial services, Health, Exports, Consultancy etc.

IPE in all its Sansritis invited the Industry, Business Schools and Management Students to participate. Each year’s Sanskriti is promoted with a theme. Industry over the years was extending its fullest cooperation for the Event’s grand success.

The Sanskriti event every year consists of nine events. Though the rounds change, number of rounds change, what is done in each of the rounds and each of the events may change what remains same is the names of the events over the years.

The Events in Sanskriti are 

habdasagar – Paper Presentation Contest

gragami –  HR Event

ivesh – Finance Event

hastra – An Operations Event

K urukshetra – Best Manager 

R anabhoomi – A Quiz Event

kshit – A CSR Event

T arang – A Marketing Event

Fit India Movement

Fit India Movement at IPE

Fit India Movement is a nation-wide movement in India to encourage people to remain healthy and fit by including physical activities and sports in their daily lives. The Fit India Movement was Launched by Prime minister Sri Narendra Modi on 29th Aug, 2019 on the occasion of National Sports day at the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium in New Delhi “A healthy body will have a healthy mind and a healthy mind constructs a healthy society”.

It is practically proven globally and has to be proved in India. The Fit India Movement aims to encourage Indians to include fitness activities and sports in their daily lives to pave way for a healthy and fit lifestyle which in-turn help in overcoming many life style diseases and life style disorders. The Fit India Movement will be for all men, women and children.

Having realized the importance of Physical fitness and to keep the movement of FIT INDIA MOVEMENT the institute has taken the following initiatives.

  1. Celebrating Yoga day on 21st June  every year
  2. Created a state of art gym for physical fitness of student community. The gym was occupying 3371 sq ft. The equipment of worth Rs 45 lakhs is a part of the Gym which includes 6 Station Circle, Dumbbell etc
  3. Walking track made a part of the green campus.
  4. Restricting two and four wheeler movement within the campus and encouraging walking.
  5. Encouraging usage of stairs for climbing the floors. 
  6. Creation of Football ground and volley ball court Shuttle indoor stadium etc.
  7. Appointment of physical Education Trainer to direct the physical activities of the students in the Gym and at various sports facilities.
  8. Conducting of health camp in association with Yashoda Hospitals every year.
  9. Creating Sports club to encourage sports and physical fitness.
  10. Spending of more than one lakh rupees towards purchase of sports equipment.
  11.  Earmarking the last hour in the academic timetable everyday towards the student activities.
  12. Inviting Nutritionists for a talk on importance of proper and nutritious diet.
  13. An event named FITINDIAIPE was conducted at IPE on 6th Nov, 2019 and got a huge response in different categories. Girls took an active participation in every category and proved that girls are no longer weak to boys.

Ethnic Day 2021

Date of the event:- 19th March 2021

Venue :   IPE Auditorium

Faculty Inaugurating the event: – Dean – Prof S Sreenivasa Murthy

                                                         Registrar – Ms. J. Kiranmai

                                                         Student Affair Coordinator – Dr KV Anantha  Kumar 

No of Students attended:- 450

A vibrant and colourful cultural event reflecting the diaspora and diversity of Indian culture and values. A day of celebration with a mixture of the rich traditions and the vibrancy of India’s diversified culture and people. It is an expression and representation of talent and creativity of IPE'ians, the Ethnic Day is celebrated in Institute of Public Enterprise which commences with an Opening ceremony of dance/music performance followed by a multiple events.
This celebration is usually very exuberant, ethnic and memorable for all the students. The staff and students of IPE enjoy a joyous and colourful day celebrating our motherland INDIA.
On 19 th March 2021, Cultural Club had organized the first offline event ETHNIC DAY following the COVID 19 precautions. This event focussed on carrying forward the tradition of India and its diversity. This event set off by Dean Prof S Sreenivasa Murthy with his address followed by address by Registrar Ms. J Kiranmai. Student affairs Coordinator Dr K V Anantha Kumar addressed the student community on the occasion. Faculty, Officers and Non-teaching staff were present at auditorium on the occasion. There were good number of dance and music performances. Games were conducted to make it  more attractive. The special attraction of the event was Mr & Ms ETHNIC competition.

Overall, the event was carried out for a duration of 2 hours 30 minutes and was successful, many satisfactory feedbacks were given about the event and appreciation was received from the dignitaries, faculties, beloved juniors and batchmates. 

During the entire event all the COVID 19 Protocols like using of mask, sanitizer, social distancing, and alternative seating was followed considering the safety of students.

Director, Dean, Registrar, Student Affairs Coordinator were thanked by the cultural club members for extending their support. They thanked the entire student community and the technical support team for their support throughout the event.

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