IPE Media Club

About Us

Media, which is the plural of the term medium, refers to the communication channels via which we disseminate news, music, entertainment, education, promotional messages, and other information. It includes, radio, telephone, mobile, print and digital newspapers, magazines, and the Internet, among other things.

To make communication and promotion within our institute easier, the students of IPE jointly developed the concept of forming an internal media team for covering, reporting and communicating the various events and happenings in the campus. This proposal led to the formation of IPE MEDIA CLUB, which will be exclusively dedicated to activities connected to promotion and communication for the institution. This club is also responsible for the management and operations of the IPE Alumni Relations Department.

The club aims to celebrate and publicize the accomplishments of the B-school and all its stakeholders. Alongside, the club intents to build and maintain healthy relations with the alumni network of the prestigious institute.