Financial Models for Sustainable Excellence

[stm_title title_tag=”div” title_color=”custom” title_font_size=”36px” title_line_height=”54px” title_color_custom=”#000000″ title_margin_b=”21px” title_margin_t=”17px” title=”One-week Course on Emerging Issues in Public Policy”]Two Days Hands-on Training Programme on “Financial Models for Sustainable Excellence” during 15-16 November, 2018 at IPE, OU Campus[/stm_title]

A One-week emersion course on “Emerging Issues in Public Policy” was jointly conducted by IPE, Hyderabad with BIGD, Brac University, Dhaka, NASC, Kathmandu, Niti Foundation and IDRC during October 22nd to 27th2018 at Hyderabad, India.

The key objective of the course was:

  • To discuss the emerging trends in public policy making process in the Asian context;
  • To analyze the governance challenges in the public policy making process and the innovative practices adopted by various governments in the region;
  • To sensitize participants on the aspects of use of information technology by government agencies in order to enhance their outreach to citizens and enhance their credibility;
  • To collectively identify thrust areas for learning and sharing among participating countries.


Policy making is the fundamental activity of the governments. It is through the public policy-making process that governments establish their policy frameworks within which their governance processes are embedded. There are multifold challenges being faced by governments’ world over and especially by the Asian countries like limited financial resources, cross-border terrorism, internal security issues, refugee crisis, poor human development indices etc. As public policy problems appear to be increasing day by day there is a need for all the stakeholders’ including- the policy makers, think tanks, interest groups and the general public to expand their horizons of knowledge on public policy process and elevate their response levels and hone up their skills for dealing with these situations.

Keeping this aspect in the backdrop like-minded institutions like IDRC, BIGD, NASC, NITI Foundation and IPE which are actively engaged and working on governance and public policy issuescame together and planned an emersion course on public policy for stakeholders from the region including government representatives, academicians, consultants, think-tank representatives etc. The first program was conducted at Hyderabad during October 2018.The program was attended by senior government officials from Bangladesh, senior trainers and academic faculty from Nepal and India as well as project officers and consultants from Myanmar.