Centre for State-Owned Enterprises and Disinvestment

The Centre for State-Owned Enterprises and Disinvestment seeks to concentrate on broad issues of the public enterprises with special emphasis on areas relating to governance aspects, disinvestment, autonomy and accountability, State Ownership, and competitive neutrality.
Like Teaching and Training, Research is one of the key pillars on which the institutional edifice of IPE has been built over five decades. By and large, the focus of Centre’s research represents a comprehensive and inter-disciplinary initiative in the aforementioned areas which is diversified in content and coverage by including policy issues and reforms at the state level, inter-state level and national level.
To this end, the Centre seeks to augment its technical resources through building up of data bank pertaining to State Level Public Enterprise, bring out publications and continous updating of the literature on State-owned Enterprises in India and abroad.
The Centre also seeks to conduct Conferences, Workshops, Seminars and Memorial Lectures on a wide range of contemporary policy issues of Public Sector Enterprises which constitute a significant part of the academic activities of the Centre . Eminent scholars as well as young researchers will be invited to participate in such events .