Academic Audit Format

Activity Observations Remarks
Curriculum and Learning Process
1.  Does the institute have Vision and Mission Statement?    
2. Does the programme follow Academic Calendar and trimester-wise class time-table?
3. Does the Programme have Educational Objectives (PEOs), Programme Outcomes (POs), and Course Outcomes (COs)?
4.   What are the core subjects offered in the programme?
5.   What are the electives offered in the programme?
6.  Do you offer courses on employability and entrepreneurship?
7.   Does the programme have adequate faculty?
8.   Does the faculty provide the course file as per the subject?
9.    Verify the approved intake, applications received, and students enrolled during the year
10.  Does the student receive scholarship and financial support?
11.  What is the student-teacher ratio?
Assessment of Programme Outcomes
12.  Do you follow rubrics for internal assessment?
13.  Do you have examination policy?
14.  Are the question papers mapped with Course Outcomes and Blooms taxonomy Levels?
15.  Are the results declared as per the schedule?
16.  Is the course coordinator addressing the grievances?
17.  Is there a student mentoring programme?
18.  Are the students opting SIPs in all specializations offered?
19.  Verify the documents submitted by students who have opted out of placements
Student Performance
20.  Is there a documentation of student activities (extra curriculum activities like sports/quiz competitions/case studies/Swachh Bharat) in other management institutions?
21.  Are the guest lecturers organized for the students?
22.  Are  extension and outreach programmes conducted in collaboration with industry, community and Non- Government Organizations through NSS/NCC/Red cross/Youth Red Cross (YRC) etc.
23. Do you have student council and representation of students on academic and administrative bodies?
Faculty attributes and Contribution
24.  Does the faculty use ICT for teaching with Learning Management Systems (LMS), E-learning resources etc.?
25. Does the faculty involve in research and consultancy assignments?
26 .Does the faculty publish in Scopus/ABDC/National and International journals?
27. Has the faculty attended any national and international conferences/workshops for presentations
28. Are the faculty engaged in conducting workshops/ seminars/ conferences/ MDPs/ FDPs for knowledge enrichment?
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