Dr B Sai Sailaja

Short Bio

Dr. Sai Sailaja, holds her doctoral in economics from University of Hyderabad. More than a decade her research interest span from resources, energy economics and infrastructure management. Her current research interests are in distribution networks and power sector reforms.

Academic Area and Degrees

Academic Area: Economics
Degrees: PhD in Economics

Dr B Sai Sailaja

Assistant Professor

Academic Appoinments
  • Project Faculty 2004 ~ 2005 Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), India.
  • Researcher, 2007~ 2009, Indian School of Business (ISB), India.
  • Assistant Professor, 2009 ~ 2010, BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus, India.
  • Assistant Professor, 2010~2012, Institute of Public Enterprise, OU, Hyd India.
  • Assistant Professor, 2012~2013, Institute of Management Technology, Hyd
  • Assistant Professor, 2013~Till date, Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyd India
Course Training
  • Managerial Economics
  • Macro Economics
Research Interest
  • Energy & Resource
  • Infrastructure Economics
Featured work and Publications

Peer Reviewed Journals

  • Sai Sailaja & VenuGopal.J, (2008) Fuel Choice Trends in Fertilizer Industry of India., Artha Vijnan Vol.,L/2, Pg. 179-184. ISSN:0971-586X
  • Sai Sailaja Bharatam & Sarma I.R.S (2009) Inter-fuel Substitution Possibilities in Selected Energy Intensive Sectors and Firms in India.,GITAM Review of International Business., Vol.I; Issue,2, Pg.82-99. ISSN: 0974-357X Sai Sailaja Bharatam & Sarma. I.R.S(2010) Derived Demand for Different Modes of Passenger-Freight & Freight Transportation in India with respect to Increasing Energy Price Levels, Artha Vijnan Vol. LII, No. 2, June 2010, pp. 152-162. ISSN: 0971-586X Books Authored
  • Sai Sailaja (2010)Economics of Fuel Substitution with Special Reference to India: A note on Indian Energy Intensive Industries, Paperback 176 pages Abstract ,Publisher: VDM Verlag Dr. Müller (September 21, 2010),Language: English,ISBN-10: 3639293606, ISBN-13: 978-3639293609.
  • http://www.amazon.com/Economics-Substitution-Special-Reference-India/dp/3639293606
  • http://www.gyanbooks.com/index.php?p=sr&Field=author&String=Saisailaja,%20Bharatam

Books Edited

Ram Kumar Mishra, Rajesh Gangakhedkar, Sai Sailaja, & Balaji (2011), Power Sector Reforms Achievements, Opportunities and Challenges Ahead, Ed. MacMillan Advanced Research Series, ISBN 978-935-059-026-3 Ram Kumar Mishra, Sai Sailaja & Srinivas.K. (2012), Econometric Applications for Managers, Allied Publishers Pvt.Ltd.

Book Chapters

  • Sai Sailaja, Ramkumar Mishra, Vishweswhar and Rajeshwar (2011), A Panel Data Analysis of Electricity Demand and Reforms- A Study of Selected Indian States, Power Sector Reforms Achievements, Opportunities and Challenges Ahead, Ed. MacMillan Advanced Research Series, ISBN 978-935-059-026-3
  • Sai Sailaja & RamKumar Mishra (2012), Role of Econometric Applications in Addressing Management Challenges of Operations, Marketing and Strategy—A Review, Econometric Applications for Managers, Ed. Allied Publishers Ltd.

Other Articles

  • Sai Sailaja (2005) Why Power and Not Fertilizer Why power and not Fertilizer? A review of resource allocation to the agricultural sector Proceedings published by Acharya N.G.Ranga Agricultural University Rajendranagar, Hyderabad India in association in association with NABARD-2005 June 21st & 22nd
  • N.Viswanatham, Sai Sailaja, Abhijeet Kumar & Vijay (2008) On the Future Path of Goods Movement, ISB-Insight, 2008 – September
  • Sailaja, S., & IRS, S. Estimation of total logistics expenditures of Indian economy, International Journal of Research in Management, Economics and Commerce, Volume2, Issue 7(July 2012) ISSN: 2250-057X