MOU & Public Enterprises in India
R K Mishra, B Navin and P Geeta
Prof. Gadgil and Public Enterprises
R K Mishra
Management of Economic and social Infrastructure in India & Pakistan: Challenges & Collaborative Strategies
R K Mishra
Navaratna & Miniratna PE : Critical Analysis
R K Mishra and B Navin
Environmental Policy in India: A Critical Appraisal
R K Mishra; B Navin; Ch Laxmi Kumari
The Holding Company, Performance Contracts and Task Oientation Clearing the Ground
Sebastian Morris
Capacity Utilisation in State Level Public Enterprises in Andhra Pradesh
R K Mishra and S Ravishankar
What is Happening to cows and bulls of Sundarapalle
Uma Shankari
Organising the Macroeconomic Database Social Accounting Matrix way: A Case Study of Andhra Pradesh
Rita Mukherjee
Training of Indian Administrative Service Personnel – An Institutional Experience
K Trivikram
Trends in Foreign Direct Investment from India (1950-1982)
Sebastian Morris
Foreign Direct Investment from India Ownership and Control of `Joint Ventures’ Abroad
Sebastian Morris
Management of Cash in Electronic Corporation of India
R K Mishra & N C Kar
From Cultural Ethos to Organisational Milieu
Pritam Singh; Asha Bhandarker
A Case Study on The Girijan Cooperative Corporation
Internal Audit in SLPEs of Andhra Pradesh
R Nandagopal, Mohan V K Vudali
The Market and Its Regulation in India: A study in Operation of the Monopolies & Restrictive Trade Practices Act.
Valuation of Equity Shares: Approaches for Public Enterprises
T L Sankar; R K Mishra; R Nandagopal
Special Employment Scheme of Andhra Pradesh an Evaluation
R Nagaraj and G Sudha
Capital Market & Privatisation of Public Enterprises: A Case of India
R K Mishra, R Nandagopal
Technology Acquisition and Development Case of Telecom Switching Equipment
Sunil Mani (Reprint Series)