The broad objective of the MBA (PE) is to develop managerial skills of practicing executives  who have varied educational background and work experience, autonomous agencies, public sector enterprises, private sector, joint venture, co-operatives etc.

The programme is specifically designed to enable the Practicing Executives:

  • To develop a strategic view of organizations. To learn to analyze organization and changing environment
  • To develop leadership and decision-making skills
  • To develop an understanding of the theoretical management concepts and the applications in practice

The program is spread over three years (six semesters). The first two semesters provide basic courses on general management, accounting, finance, economics and public enterprise context. The second year provides for a thorough grounding in the study of integrated approaches and latest concepts of contemporary management. The third and final year concentrates on the functional areas of management and candidates are offered electives as major and minor for an intensive study in their field of interest. A project report in any area of management under the guidance of the internal faculty member assigned to the student is carried out in the VI semester.

FOR THE YEAR 2020 – 2022

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