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Institute of Public Enterprise - Research & Consultancy

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Research & Consultancy


Success is often a function of application of knowledge which is created and enriched by painstaking search and research. Lack of knowledge, ambiguity in objectives or understanding, is often a key factor in enterprise failure. Hence, no organisation can be successful in the long term without appropriate research support.

In its task of furthering the cause of Public Systems and social science research, the Institute works very closely with the Department of Public Enterprises, Indian Council of Social Science Research and various ministries of the Government of India, State Governments, various public and private sector organisations and voluntary bodies. Organisations, public or private, concentrate mainly on applied research, which is of direct interest to them. The Institute aims to promote research with a difference, it believes in research which challenges and provokes while it explores, to help those in the midst of action to pause, reflect and rethink their old assumptions. In this process of challenge and exploration, integrated research as is undertaken at IPE has a vital role to play. At IPE, research has a multifaceted and integrated purpose of improving the understanding, knowledge and its scope and limitations.

Research Priorities and Support

IPE research encompasses both institutional and sponsored research. The institutional research is initiated by the Institute on its own to extend the horizons of knowledge. Sponsored research is commissioned by public enterprises, the central and state governments, private enterprises, municipal organisations, non-governmental organisations, international bodies, etc.
The Institute’s thrust is based on the research priorities indicated by the policy-makers, the end-users and its own research faculty. The Institute undertakes both long-term and short-term research. In recent years, the Institute has forged alliances and linkages with a entire gamut of reputed national and international institutions, as a result of which an number of collaborative research projects have been initiated on divergent themes. The research of IPE has spanned pricing to disinvestment in public enterprise; organisational redesigning to competitiveness in private enterprise; rural electrification to restructuring of state electricity boards in public systems; and training of civil servants to reforms in the Indian Civil Service for more effective management of the government.

Research at IPE

The Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) recognised the Institute as a ‘Centre of Excellence’ in social sciences research in 1976. The Institute is partly funded by the ICSSR, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, and the Government of Andhra Pradesh. The Institute was conceived as a research institution devoted to systematic and sustained study of issues relevant to the formulation, implementation, review, monitoring and assessment of policies and programmes concerning public enterprise.

The Institute has a strong research wing with a number of research scholars, sponsored by ICSSR and IPE, working on topics of current interest. Research, both basic and applied, is the forte of the Institute. Focused research helps the faculty members in sharpening the skills and provides the latest understanding for IPE’s training and educational activities. IPE’s research work is in the diverse fields of social sciences, including corporate governance, restructuring, privatization/disinvestment, infrastructure and public systems, etc.

The approach to research at the Institute is quite different from that of other organizations. The involvement of faculty in teaching, training and consulting provides them with an opportunity to adopt a holistic approach to research problems.

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