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Institute of Public Enterprise - Future Thurst

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Future Thurst


The agenda for future research takes into consideration the changing needs of the end-users, the strength of the faculty and the Institute’s focus. It has to be definitive in nature, but at the same time flexible enough to accommodate the needs and impacts of the current times.

The Institute will focus on the research needs concerning the following broad themes:

a.  Restructuring of Public Enterprises

Studies on macro and micro restructuring of public enterprise – both central and state level – are being undertaken as a part of the broad theme. Non-privatisation reforms in the areas of autonomy, corporate governance, succession planning and those related to the Board of Directors and the MOU mechanism will form an important component of the theme. The efficacy of concepts such as NAVARATNA, MINIRATNA and OPTIMA(Optimum Performance through Internal Management Action) are also being taken up for research.

b.  Privatisation and Disinvestment

The Institute is aiming to become a nodal centre for research in privatisation and disinvestment. The case method of research will be used to document privatisation experiences. Comparative studies on privatisation are on the cards. Multifaceted studies on disinvestment would be launched to operationalise the disinvestment agenda. To evaluate its efficacy, pre-concurrent and post-research on disinvestment action is proposed.

c.  Studies in State Level Public Enterprises (SLPEs)

There is a definite need for data compilation, analysis and documentation of the functioning of SLPEs in view of the dearth of such updated information. A state-wise annual survey of SLPEs would be a valuable contribution to our understanding and improvement of the SLPEs. IPE has probably the best available data on SLPEs in the country. The Institute proposes to become the national clearing house of information on the working of SLPEs. In this pursuit, it plans to revitalise its data bank on SLPEs and initiate research on the state electricity boards, state road transport corporations, state financial corporations, state industrial development corporations etc. The annual reports and documentation section of the Institute’s library would be strengthened to upgrade the quality of research.

d.  Management Research

Depending upon the requirements, the research menu under this head would cover special issues connected with general and corporate management, finance, marketing, organisation behavior, personnel management and industrial relations, information technology and the still unexplored areas of human creativity and intuition etc. The research could take the form of macro, micro or comparative research.

e.  Studies on Energy

To continue and further build on the work done earlier, studies are being initiated into the operations and efficiency of the energy sector in India, with special reference to pricing and distribution in the power sector. An evaluation of power sector reforms to assess the status and success of public policy in this realm is also being planned.

f.  Research on Infrastructure and Public Systems

Taking into account the research support needed by the policy-makers, the Institute will strengthen its research in transport, communication, health, urban infrastructure, water supply and sanitation, education etc.

g.  Social Sector Development

In order to assist the policy-makers to review the effectiveness of social sector programmes, a wide range of research would be initiated spanning formulation to implementation.

h.  Research on Governance

The government being the focal point of the economy and society, research into some vital aspects of its functioning, such as the e-governance, civil services, accountability, formulation of public policy and its implementation, efficiency and effectiveness, financing and finances, etc., will be promoted and strengthened.

i.  Bio-technology

IPE has built up a small but strong base with emphasis on needs analysis and delivery systems. The Institute proposes to initiate mainstream research in this area covering plant, industrial and environmental biotechnology. The Institute would like to expand and intensify the scope of its current collaborative programme and seeks opportunities to undertake works for national and international organisations and donor countries.

j.  Information Technology

Information Technology being a sunrise research area, the Institute will initiate research into the legal, human and software related issues of this industry.

k.  Research

Research on Environmental management in public enterprises propose to cover in its ambit studies on pollution control, emission trading and the various measures taken by PEs in its realm.Databank on State level Enterprises

The Institute maintains a data bank on the State Level Public Enterprises. Financial data concerning State Level Public Enterprises (SLPEs) are included in the data bank. IPE’s research team has also brought out working papers on public enterprise restructuring and disinvestment.

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