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Institute of Public Enterprise - Contours of Research

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Contours of Research


Some of the recent research studies conducted by IPE include:

a.  Public Enterprises Policy

  1. Public Enterprises in India: A Survey of Research
  2. Public Enterprises Policies in India and UK
  3. Pricing in Public Enterprises: A Case Study of Pricing of Petroleum Products in India
  4. Technical Dependence in India Public Sector
  5. Export of Technology from the Public Sector: A Study of Trends, Patterns and Causal Factors
  6. Changing PE Policies in Public Enterprises

b.  Public Enterprise Reforms and  Restructuring

  1. Diversification of Public Ownership in India and UK
  2. Privatisation and Public Enterprise: The Asia-Pacific Experience
  3. Privatisation of Public Enterprise in India and France
  4. Efficiency through Competition in Public Utilities: Policies for Restructuring
  5. Privatisation and Restructuring of State Level Public Enterprises
  6. Restructuring of State Level Public Enterprises in Madhya Pradesh
  7. Data Bank for the CLPEs and SLPEs

c.  Research in Corporate and Financial Area

  1. Corporate Planning in Public Enterprises
  2. Valuation in Equity Shares in Public Enterprises
  3. Marketing Strategies and Practices in Public Enterprises
  4. Capacity Utilisation in Public Enterprises
  5. Corporate Governance in Public Enterprises: Role of Boards
  6. NEDCAP’s Corporate Manpower Plan

d.  State Level Public Enterprises in India (SLPE)

  1. Financial Contribution and Requirements of SLPEs in India
  2. Financial Performance of SLPEs
  3. Rate of Return in SLPEs: A Research Study for Ninth Finance Commission
  4. Budgeting in SLPEs in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu
  5. Restructuring of State Level Public Enterprises in Madhya Pradesh
  6. Restructuring of APSTC
  7. Restructuring of APSTTDC
  8. Restructuring of Madhya Pradesh State Road Transport Corpn.

e.  Micro/Case Research

  1. Working Systems of Andhra Pradesh Scheduled Castes Cooperatives Finance Corpn.
  2. Organisation and Financial Management of State Electricity Boards
  3. Contribution of Public Enterprises to the Economy of Andhra Pradesh
  4. Development of Entrepreneurs under the Seed Capital Scheme: A Case Study of A.P.
  5. A.P. State Textile Development Coreporation: A Study
  6. Case Studies in Privatisation of State Level Public Enterprises

f.   Energy and Technology

  1. Financial Contribution and Requirements of SLPEs in India
  2. Biomass Assessment Study of Kurnool District of A.P.
  3. Technological Acquisition and Development in Indian Telecommunication Industry
  4. Export of Technology from the Public Sector: A Study of Trends, Patterns and Causal factors
  5. Technology Profile of Andhra Pradesh : A Compendium of Industrial Units in A.P. with foreign collaboration
  6. Status of Plant Biotechnology in India – An assessment from Small Farmers Perspective.

g.  Public Systems, Social Assessment, Rural Development

  1. Social Safety Net for Public Enterprises
  2. Social Assessment : District Poverty and Initiative Programme
  3. Indigenous Institutions for Rural Development
  4. Materials Management for Public Health Care
  5. Concurrent Evaluation of Integrated Rural Development Programme
  6. Social Safety Net for VRS and other workers in closed SLPEs
  7. A Study on Social Assessment of Poverty Initiative Programme
  8. Strategic Review of Revenue Departments of Government of A.P
  9. Identification of Suitable town level agencies for taking up mentoring activities
  10. ISO 9000 : 2000 Certification for APSTC
  11. ISO Certification for certain activities of APSTC
  12. Evaluation of Self Employment Schemes in Andhra Pradesh : A Study

Research Committee

The Research Committee at IPE helps in the formulation of research policy. Apart from reviewing the ongoing research activities, the Committee suggests the thrust areas for future research. The Committee provides policy guidance with respect to various spheres of research activities such as funded research, doctoral research, IPE’s own initiatives, infrastructural support, frontline research, collaborative research and so on.

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